Your Ultimate Guideline To Hire A Cleaning Service

It is indeed very challenging to find time to tidy and clean your house when you have lots of responsibilities to work on. Whether you are a career-driven woman or a stay-at-home mother, it does not matter. Finding time to clean your house regularly may take a toll on you, especially if you have to squeeze your cleaning activities into your many other schedules. It can be challenging to find time to keep the house tidy.

Fortunately now, this is not a big issue anymore. You can still maintain a spotless home by hiring a service of a professional cleaner! Here is the ultimate guide for you prior to hiring a cleaning service window cleaning specialists.

What is a professional cleaning service?

Depending on your needs and the services you require, you can choose which cleaner service provider you want to hire. You may need a cleaning service for your house, if so you can find a residential cleaning service. It is easy to find this type of cleaner service. But if you need a cleaning service for your business, it might be slightly difficult.

You have to make sure that the cleaning service you hire knows how to clean the workspace based on what you need. For example, merely cleaning houses will be different from having to clean a small clinic. Even more now during the pandemic, to clean a specific location such as a clinic, the cleaning service might need a medical office cleaning template to begin with.

But in general for residential cleaning, here is the cleaning scope which the cleaner service will cover.

Family Room

The family room or living areas typically only receive a light cleaning. They will start by removing clutter and toys and afterward dusting the furnishings and decorations so they will be free of dirt. To finish it off your carpet, sofa and floor will be vacuumed and the floor will be mop with wet cloth. You can also request the cleaners to wash your blinds.


Even if you don’t cook often at home, your kitchen will still be the area in your house that needs extra attention. House cleaning service will do dishwashing for your dirty dishes, wiping and sanitizing the counters and home appliances, as well as cleaning the stoves and microwave.


Another area in your house that needs extra cleaning is the bathroom. Because of its dampness, this may be the one room that is very susceptible to mold and bacteria. Thus disinfecting the bathroom is important, and that’s what the cleaner will do too.

They will clean the countertops and the sink area, the shower or bathtub, and also the shower faucets. The cleaner might need to use a special solution if your bathroom tiles are using marble.


Just like any other room, a cleaning service will also clear the clutter inside your room, do the dusting, and wipe the windows or furniture inside your bedroom. To finish they will do sweeping and/or vacuuming, as well as mopping the floor with a wet cloth. They will also replace your bed with fresh linens.

A house cleaner will typically do a series of typical activities for each area. You can also make special requests to the cleaner service, by asking them to pay attention to certain rooms in your house. For example, instead of the bedroom, you might want to ask the cleaner to focus more on the living room.

How often should you get your house cleaned by a professional?

You may hire someone to clean your home on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. But we advise you to hire professional cleaning service minimum on a bi-weekly basis. Additionally, you also have the choice to hire for one-time services. Depending on your demands, they might provide various packages or let you design your cleaning plan.

If you want your house to be maintained more properly, you can instead hire a housekeeper that can stay or come to your house every day to clean your home. But remember you need to make sure that the maid that you hired is trustworthy. You will give her free access to your house, making sure that they are credible is very important!

Should we provide the cleaning equipment?

The cleaning equipment, as well as the solution to clean your house, will be provided by the cleaning company. The staff will bring that equipment along when they visit your house. But you can also provide them with your own cleaning supplies such as a microfiber rag, or your favorite multi-cleaner spray to be used.

What can we do before the service?

Before or right away after your house cleaning arrives, do the following:


If you’re working with a certain cleaning service for the first time, it’s a good idea to go through the house or room with them. You can let them know what you want, and which area will need the most attention.

Eliminate clutter

You will only have a certain number of hours for the cleaning service to clean your house. Instead of wasting their time, by letting them have to clean the clutter on your floor and room area, you can tidy it all up before the cleaner come

Prepare the fresh linen

If the cleaning service will be replacing bathroom towels or bed linens, make sure to let the staff know where new towels and sheets can be found.

Additional Tip

You are not required to tip your cleaner, because their fees are already included with what you paid upfront to the company. But it does not mean that you can’t give them some cash to show your gratitude for their help. Typically the tip ranges from 10% to 20% out of the total cost of the service.

Now you already know every important thing about hiring a professional cleaning service. Consider hiring one to ensure that you have a spotlessly clean house all the time.

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