Your Interior Design Guide to Decorating With High Ceilings

Picture this: the walls in your home are adorned with special photos, art pieces, and lined with shelves. Your living room could be the star on the front cover of any home design magazine. But then you look up.

There’s so much empty space being unused! If your home has high ceilings, it presents both a beautiful canvas to creatively express yourself, as well as some real interior design challenges. 

If you’re not sure how to make use of all of that space, keep reading for tips for decorating with high ceilings. 

Transform It 

Ceilings don’t have to just be a simple shade of eggshell white. You can get as fun and creative with the colors, design, and materials as you like. 

Paint the walls a neutral color, such as earth tones or soft grays, and add a pop of color by painting the ceiling something vibrant like Pantone’s 2021 color of the year, “Illuminating.” Choose a piece of furniture, decor, or other accents to compliment the bold design choice.

If you want a pattern or design, you can turn this into a DIY project. With some stencils, painter’s tape, and the right paint, you can use your ceiling like a canvas

Lastly, consider ceiling molding. Ceiling molding comes in a wide range of styles and materials to fit any home. This is a great way to achieve an elegant and vintage chic ambiance. 

Take a Minimalist Approach 

If you’re unsure how to take on an interior design challenge like decorating a room with a high ceiling, go for a minimalistic look. This doesn’t mean flat white walls or boring gray furniture. Use simple architectural structures to your advantage.

A popular design choice is faux ceiling beams. Faux ceiling beams, often made of lightweight and cost-effective materials like polyurethane can help you achieve a rustic or sleek, contemporary style without spending a fortune. If you enjoy appearance weather wood often seen in farmhouse-style homes, you can get realistic-looking faux beams to run across your ceiling.

To tie together the whole look, install a ceiling fan. Large, industrial-style fans match well with charming and inviting farmhouse homes. These fans are perfect for a high ceiling and sure to complement any interior design choice. 

Get Creative With Your Lighting 

Lighting is often thought of as functional rather than an important interior design element. With a high ceiling, you have a lot of room to work with, and getting creative with your lighting is the perfect way to go.

The obvious choice would be a large and elegant centerpiece, like a chandelier. The modern alternative is hanging pendant lights.

Pendant lights are used for task lighting, shining on specific areas to draw attention to them, functionality, or general illumination. The brilliance in choosing pendant lighting is the ability to focus them in particular areas. Hanging fixtures of varying heights can give the room a sense of depth and warmth.

Another modern design option is track lighting. Running track lights near the edge of your ceiling is an effortless way to give the room an inviting glow. The fixture heads are repositionable, so you can point them toward the ceiling, the floor or use them to highlight wall hangings or art. 

Decorating With High Ceilings Made Easy

Your home is decorated beautifully; now, it’s time to take on the challenge of decorating your ceilings. Transforming the appearance with colorful pops of paint, patterns, molding, or faux wood beams is simple yet effective. Don’t forget about fixtures like lighting and ceiling fans.

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