You choose Apple iPhone SE but don’t know anything about it?

Here is everything you need to know..

You bought an Apple iPhone SE but don’t know about its feature or working?

This article will let you know about the iPhone in easy words. 

I’m sure you completely trust an Apple iPhone SE Camera and its long battery life as these are the only things an individual knows and more about memory storage. But it is not done here. It has designed with more features to impress you. 

So the question here is what actually iPhone SE serves you about which you don’t know?

gsmarena_008The brand new iPhone SE does all of the things for only 399 bucks for the base 64 gig model. Every model of the iPhone has its basic shape and new Apple iPhone SE, if it is iPhone 6, 6s, or 7 7s, every iPhone has its own basic shape to look different with different features and working power.

About iPhone SE.

It has a 4.7 inch LCD display with a true tone to make the color change depending on the light with a really good display. It also has the massive bezels on the top and the bottom with the classic home button on the bottom with a fingerprint sensor Snap ios appletimes. It’s compatible with iPhone 8 cases. Its iP67 waterproof which is pretty good but we can not say it best. Its back is really familiar with the glass and this iPhone is really good. 

In addition, there are three small bummers to talk about this iPhone SE design that we are so familiar with. 

l The 1st is these iPhone bezels are huge and I’m knocking it because a bunch of inexpensive android phones has launched their cell phone by reducing their bezels to fit in a bigger screen and a smaller body. But Apple is just keeping the things the same that it’s always been here.

l The no. Two is the size as it is 4.7 inches, it’s small, but it’s not nearly small as compared to the original Apple iPhone SE. But if you see, the iPhone SE is not that much smaller than iPhone 11 Pro.

l The 3rd thing is about the headphone jack on this phone. At least Apple is including Wired Lightning headphones and it not including a headphone but 3.5 adopters.

iPhone 11 Pro

The reason is this phone is really impressive that it has the exact same processor as inside as the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s the A13 Bionic. This phone is really fast but the main reason that matters to the customer that this phone is sure to get OS updates for many coming years. We can say this that other Android phone prices are the same as this phone but it’s not about cost but it’s about how often you have to spend it.

It has wireless charging though which makes the average battery life. Now have a look at the camera. Its only one on the back, its 12 MP and there is 7 MP selfie camera on the front. In bright light, it’s just lovely and clear. Even the photos are well detailed. There have been many improvements in iPhone family cameras.

So it has benefit to use this phone because other than low light photography, this phone is able to do all the same things that do the 1000$ iPhone 11 Pro on this 400$ Phone. If you buy this phone you should spend more 50$ to increase the gig from 64 to 128 on this phone. 

So, make sure to spend your 400$ money on the right thing. I hope so this will help you to get the things to know about the Apple iPhone SE.

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