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A mutually agreed online transaction between the sender and the receiver is called the transactional email. The content of the email is related to what the receiver needs and requests, such as requests for verification. This type of email eventually has the highest open rate. 

Some of the transactional emails we come across in our daily life are

  • forgot password – reset password
  • creating social pages like email, Facebook, Orkut, etc.
  • Facebook, Twitter updates
  • security notification
  • order invoice

How to send a Transactional email

Once the account is set up in any of the transactional email APIs through the companies, we can decide and choose the way of sending emails to the users.

  1. SMTP way of sending email
  2. Transactional email API 
  3. Other options like plugins and open source are also available as an alternate method of sending emails.

Since transactional email is essential, it should be made sure that the emails are sent to the customer regularly and delivered to their inbox. Make sure your email does not land up in the spam folder.

 To assure that the email has been received by the other end, we use trusted cloud-email services.

  Transactional email API Provides:

  • Powerful email delivering features,
  • Authenticating for security purpose, 
  •  Screening the reputation, 
  • Fair internet protocol address, and more
  • Can be developed easily through responsive web and SMTP APIs along with an ordinary SMTP set-up
  • Day to day graph and presentation reports that involve open, click, bounce, unsubscribe tracking, etc.
  • Consistent and all-day customer service via chat, online, call, etc.

Tools To Make It Perfect And Utilize:

The instrument that has been used for good and efficient communication is a transactional email. Transactional email is cost-effective and flexible. It’s the most needed and essential way of communication, so many organizations and companies hold on to their clients and employees with the help of this email communication.

This takes the kingship of all the ways of communication.

To send a well versed and high-quality transactional email, we should check on the following:

  1. Pleasant look
  2. Limited words that convey the message properly
  3. Catchy titles and subheadings

Tools for sending mails. 

  • A pleasant-looking email means the email that appears in a clear and transparent format to the consumer. 
  • Clear content means the email will be appropriately formatted, and there is a good mix of hyperlinks, pictorial representation, and message.
  • To check your code for these Transactional emails, check out the API library in your preferred programming language from reference links from transactional email API.
  • The SMTP API header will validate the header used for SMTP API.
  •  The Management tools will help in updating the checks of the email for better delivery.

You Could Go Higher With Email

  • Few services point towards creating the method higher and convenient.
  • Service email to be unbroken out there in numerous languages.
  • To grasp the attention of the audience, you should make sure not to miss out on the notifications. Connecting in regional language with them is the best choice.
  • Verified email: Don’t trust text received from an unknown range. Therefore verified texts have a higher chance of trustability. People will accept and consider to read any message from a verified provider.
  • A verified email comes with the brand and emblem unchanged for all texts being sent. This uniformity additionally enhances the business.
  • Rich communication service.
  • RCS is claimed to be a consequent generation communication protocol.

A Quick Overview On Transactional Email API Process:

There are two types of emails: transactional emails and promoting emails.

Transactional emails generally embody the data that the recipient desires or needs, and therefore the emails are sometimes machine-driven. The notifications are triggered by user actions. Account creation emails, account notification emails and get receipts are some of the samples of transactional emails.

Promotional emails contain data that aims to draw in, convert, and retain customers. Newsletters, promotions, and advertisements are some of the examples of promoting emails.

Which Transactional Email API Should You Choose?

The only way to know which Email API will be the best one for your use case is by trying them all out. All of these APIs have a free tier so that developers can try them out and see if they work well in their applications. It’s also important to carefully review the pricing for each API (all of these providers have a pricing calculator on their website). Pricing for these APIs is based on email volume per month. Therefore higher the email volume means higher the cost.

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