WPF Earns Nobel Prize on its Feat of Hunger Alleviation

More than 11.3% of the world’s population entails hunger. More than 805 million people worldwide including kids, women, men, elders go undernourished daily. Is there any shortage of food on the planet? Not at all. The world produced equivocal food for 7 Billion people on earth. It is only the upheaval of mismanagement and micromanagement. People with undernourished food either don’t have land for the growth of good or the resources in terms of money to acquire it. What is the level-head rationale of hunger in the world? Poverty is the plight causing the worldwide hunger. Solely in 2010, 7.6 million infants and kids died in the world with a ratio of 20,000 souls a day. What was sang behind these deaths? Half of them expired on account of hunger and food nutrition issues. Asia entails the hungriest in the world.  Alone in Asia, 526 million hungry people are striving to live from hand to mouth. In the developed countries lifestyle is entailed on account of capital, investment, wearables, expensive watches, Prescription Glasses& Cars. The lifestyle in developing countries is determinant on available food and life necessities. In Africa and Sub-Saharan Regions of Africa, 1 in 4 individuals are categorically hungry. Whom humanity can rely on these hungry people? Governments? Non-governments? No-profits? World Food Program is the “Beacon” to elevate the hunger from the planet.

§  Achievement of WFP.

World Food Program (WFP), on account of its admirable efforts for the alleviation of poverty, is awarded Nobel Prize. The hugely expanded network of World Food Program (WFP) from sub-Saharan countries to Asia pacific, is a stronghold for hunger alleviation. The world faces a momentous threat of hunger and poverty. The pandemic embodies a stumbling block in thesecritical times. By the end of 2050, the global population is eventually to surpass the threshold of 9 Billion. The earth is already hosting more than 2 Billion – 26% of the Population – people thriving from hunger. Chronically, 75% of these 2 Billion worldwide are poor farmers who are already producing a tremendous portion of the world’s food.

§  Sustainable Market Solutions.

The COVID-19 has pushed more than 132 Million people on the planet towards hunger and poverty. Radically, it already has pushed more than 100 million people to the verge of corollary (Circumvents of extreme poverty and hunger) in the world. Governmental efforts aren’t up to the minutes for the alleviation of hunger. Sustainable marketing solutions are direly mandated to cope up with the prevailing hunger in the world. In developed countries, 5 of 7 individuals have access to nutritional food available at one click just like someone buys a watch or Glasses Online. On the contrary, in developing countries, 5 of 7 individuals don’t have nutritional food in physical as well. That’s the pinnacle rationale of why hunger is tremendously hitting the planet. According to a study, $50 Trillion can elevate the hunger of the entire planet. It is the amount of 15 developed countries collectively spend on their military budget annually.

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