Working with an Electrician in Wollongong

The need to hire an electrician may arise numerous times during your entire lifetime. Whether it is to fix a flickering light or to change the wiring of your house or to install brand new lights in different parts of your house, electricians are needed for several occasions. It is important for you to remember that electricity is something extremely important and dangerous, at the same time. It can make your life pretty simple by operating all the household appliances for you. However, at the same time, if you are not very careful with these appliances or the various electrical switches at home, electricity can also prove to be fatal for you.

Tips To Hire an Electrician

You need to remember that there are various types of electricians out there. Some are considered as masters and some are journeymen. There are also some who specialize in commercial projects and some who excel in residential projects. Here are some tips to help you hire the right electrician from Hott Electrics.

  • Research Rates: It will be a good thing for you to familiarize yourself with the hourly costs of electricians. Check out the various specific costs that are unique for your type of electrical project. Once you know the type of costs to expect, you will be at a better position to compare the different bids from different professionals.
  • Go Through The Reviews: Before you decide to hire an electrician for an electrical project at home, it will be better for you to try and go through the reviews of the professional. This is a wonderful way to narrow down your options when it comes to choosing the right electrician. What previous clients had to say about these electricians will actually let you know whether these electricians are actually worth hiring or not.
  • Discuss With Multiple Professionals: Do not make the mistake of choosing the first electrician you come across. It is always recommended to go for a minimum of 3 bids. Discuss the project with the professionals and ask some targeted questions about your project. This will help you gauge which professional is indeed experienced in your type of projects.

Average Cost of Hiring an Electrician

The average cost of hiring an electrician ranges from $50 to $100 per hour. This obviously varies based upon your location and the type of electrician whom you hire. If you reside in an area with a higher cost of living, then you can expect to pay on the higher side of the cost scale. If the electrician is licensed, then his rates may also be towards the higher side.

For the first hour, the rate is always on the higher side. This normally covers for their time and travel expenses. Even if you hire an electrician during the after-hours or for an emergency, you will have to pay a higher rate to the professional. For an emergency, this rate can easily go up to around $300 per hour or even higher. Thus, if you wish to hire an electrician for any work at home, it will be better to plan ahead in time.

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