Work From Home: How To Effectively Monitor Your Employee During Covid-19

Considering the harsh environment due to the growing pandemic and its impact on the global economy, there is a dire need to look for innovative solutions to carry on the Work From Home cycle. As per new statistics, the impacts of Covid-19 can be seen across the globe in terms of declining trade and business. To avoid making things more vulnerable, authorities publish specific SOPs to be followed during the working hours in almost every part of the world. According to the world health organization, SOPs were not appropriately followed, leading to a devastating global health issue. 

Therefore, governments were forced to implement lock-down to take some control over the circumstances. The epidemic was slipping out of hands, and a new solution was provided to avoid the constant economic downfall. Organizations then shifted to a new strategy, called work from home to carry out their businesses and relevant tasks. It has been noted that the finance of employees is disturbed due to novel corona work at home. The impeding concerns that were associated with this working strategy were indeed daunting for business owners.

 To keep things productive and effective, some strategies were needed to be developed to have control over employees’ progress and to ensure that things are running following the company policies. If you are a business owner and willing to have a robust grip on the growth of your employees while they are Work From Home, you are at luck to be here. Below mentioned are a few of the most effective solutions that you can consider to take the maximum control in these hectic circumstances.

Creating A Remote Policy 

When it comes to leading your business successfully during these odd situations, there is a need for you to start working ahead of norms. What does that actually wgr550? Well, to make the significant and to make an outshining result, the first and the foremost thing you must consider is altering your current working policy. This may seem extraordinary to many of the readers; however, to make an impactful change, this is the most effective thing you can do. 

The situations are not normal and so the policies. Moreover, you also need to provide more accessibility to your employees so that they can continue their Work From Home effectively from home, without hassling up their task due to lack of support. These new policies will control your office as an offshore business enterprise, handling things remotely. Following are some on the point that may seem sufficient to you.

  • You can add a list of new tools and software.
  • Establish new guidelines for your workforce.
  • Developing a new and innovative solution for the protection of essential credentials
  • Altering the conditions by proving more remote access to your employees.

Transparency Policies – Rights 

Before we move with the discussion, we need to know that along with all the possible activities that can be performed to have control over your employee; you must make sure that you are not violating privacy. Further in the content, we will discuss some of the on-screen monitoring tools, with the use of which, you can potentially violate privacy policy. However, it depends upon the rules and regulation allotted by a company, and the decision is entirely biased. Nevertheless, if such extreme measure is being carried on, the wgr550 team must be informed on a prior notice about all the implemented regulations.

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Use Communication Tools

The means of communication between the hierarchy and the employees must be transparent and accessible. Any loopholes can result in significant loses for the organization. The communication barrier could be the most daunting factor when it comes to Work From Home. It can potentially disrupt office matters and affect the overall progress report. 

Two-way communication between managers and employees is believed to be a great way to maintain work-life balance during Covid-19. Therefore, you must consider introducing some new tools to help your employees connect with each other. To know what are your employees are working on, the efficient communicating platform must be there to help in having an instant look into the ongoing matters.  

Establishing A Culture Of Accountability

After you can establish a remote working network, the next task for you is to flourish the culture of credibility and accountability within your workforce how to monitor remote workers. It may include sharing time and activity sheets, allowing your employees to have some rules which they can follow strictly. This will not help you in keeping a right track of the progress of your workforce but also enables your employees to stay motivated on their allotted tasks. 

Consider establishing a benchmark of the performance, productivity and efficiency against all the staff and Work From Home. By creating such methodologies, you provide enhanced solutions to the office employees to adopt some good habits; ultimately, creating a win-to-win scenario for both the parties. To enhance the monitoring procedures to a great extent, you can also consider incentivizing workers, enabling yourself to have a more transparent look at the progress of every individual.

Control Employee Productivity

Witnessing all the complexities associated with online-track keeping strategies, things could sometime slip out of hands. To make the most effective approach, simple time tracking tools may not be the only solution. There are tools and software that can help you in creating useful reports on each employee’s progress by using on-screen monitors. Following such procedures can significantly help you in keeping a strict record. You can easily keep your employees accountable for the development they are providing you by submitting them their progress report on what were they doing during the office working hours.  The online meeting could also be an effective solution for you to keep periodic documents which can help you in making further progress reports.

Monitor Projects

Keeping track on each employee progress could leave you in the tangled up situation. It will also require you to have more workforces who can keep track of all those reports. To make things more feasible, consider shifting the progress report on a project basis. A custom essay writing service provider can deliver their orders before the deadline if they proactively monitor the progress of client orders. Things could be deliberately made easy by the use of project management tools and software. By having access to any of such high-tech business control systems, you can easily track and monitor project reports of every individual who is a part of your business network and Work From Home during this pandemic. 

Build Time Tracking Into Your Workflows

Being able to monitor and keep the track on time could be the most effective solution you can consider adopting. This will significantly help you in maintaining efficient workflows for your company matters. Moreover, you can also use such platforms for generating invoices by making conscious decisions and a way to keep track of time each employee is giving to a particular project. 

Work from home

Some of the most important monitoring tools are Basecamp, Hubstaff time tracking solution, Asana, and Github. These software make time monitoring incredibly easy, allowing the owners to keep a regular check on business matters. Implementing such procedures can help you in having more insight into the progress, enabling you to make the right move at the right time.  


To keep things steady for your business, you need to preplan all these procedures. Leaving loopholes in the SOPs can seriously affect your business progress report. To make things feasible and more productive, consider incorporating more innovative and high-tech business models, tools and software. The more you are equipped with modern technology, the more robust grip you will have on the overall systems and working procedures. 

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