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Women’s Shopping Habits In The UAE Revealed

Women’s Shopping Habits In The UAE Revealed

Women’s shopping has always been the talk of the world. It’s really intriguing how they always take a keen interest in shopping. It’s not that a man or a teenager doesn’t love to shop or is always demotivated when it comes to shopping, but shopping for a woman is something elementary and has always been grabbing the mass attention.


The shopping habits of us are different in different regions around the world. It depends on the climate, occasions, discounts and sales, and a number of other things. Besides, with exciting Rezeem coupons, one cannot just keep him or her away from shopping the best product out. Thus, it can be summed up as a blend of a wide range of things that drive one’s choices. Moreover, when it comes to shopping habits in the UAE, it is out and out fascinating.

If you are curious about the shopping habits in the UAE and that too of women, then you are at the right place because here we will explore all that is driving women’s shopping habits in the UAE.

So, without any further ado, here we look into the shopping habits of women in the UAE.

Studying some interesting shopping habits of women in the UAE

If you want to understand the shopping habits of women in the UAE, there are numerous trends that are developing along with some of the traditional traits, which are ever-present and are blending beautifully with the new ones. Here are some of the shopping habits of the women in the UAE you can look at:

Shopping at malls

As everywhere else, UAE is also a mall-centric society where most of the people living there have already turned into mall shoppers. All this can be pointed out to the luxurious malls and shopping destinations that are extravagant and extremely appealing to everybody’s tastes. Beyond being shopping destinations the malls of today are lifestyle hubs, complete with banks, ATMs, supermarkets, multiplexes, cafes and tea junctions.

Also, it has been found in the recent surveys that around half of the total population of the UAE visit the malls at least once every week. With the presence of the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates or Ibn Battuta, Yas Mall, Marina Mall and the numerous others that are flanked with hordes of natives and tourists day in and day out, mall culture is the reality today. Moreover, with the emergence of lucrative coupons and discounts like GAP Discount Codes, shoppers just cannot resist shopping from the mall.

Preferences of the malls

Though malls have been the culture of the people residing there in the UAE, not all of them are attracted by all the malls that have sprung up recently, instead, they regarded the oldest and reputed malls. For instance, though the Yas Mall, World Trade Centre Mall and The Galleria were opened recently, the shoppers feel more comfortable with Marina Mall and Khalidiyah Mall along with Madinat Zayed and Dalma Mall.

The emergence of online shopping

Online shopping is not a new thing in the other parts of the world and similarly, it is not something strange if we tell you that more than a quarter of the total number of people living in the UAE prefers to shop online. Though it is not a huge thing it is certainly the next big thing. Among them, a whopping 40% of the people shop online because they think it to be cheaper than buying from a physical store. Besides, with profitable Mamas and Papas Promo Codes that they can avail, they are certainly finding things cheaper and of good quality. On the other hand, many others are also of the opinion that they can select products in a better way online than they can at a physical store.

Internet and mobile usage in shopping

As the internet is weaving fast and getting stronger each day, it is not a surprise that it is playing a great role in changing the shopping habits of the women in the UAE. Yes, it is found out that around 56% of the women shoppers in the UAE are reading product reviews and the reviews of the shops before they are convinced to buy anything.

The habits of the women shoppers as well as their male counterparts are changing erratically because they are going through changing times. However, with the emergence of big data and the internet of things, interesting patterns are emerging that would ultimately be a boon for the shoppers.

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