Why the Gas Safety Certificate is important for all properties in London?

Licensing or certification is evidence of a genuine and law firm, organization, or any other service. If someone is not licensed, they should consider fake. How the companies or any person work without permission from the government authorities? Therefore, always seek the service of a real company or engineer registered. And this fact will only be understood by their license Gas Safety Certificate.

Gas safety check for Homeowners

1• Check your gas safety register to find a qualified and registered engineer.

2• Check with your tenants for when they have free days or time to call an engineer.

3• Make an appointment 10-12 months after your previous checkup

4• Make sure that all necessary repairs have been made.

5• Provide a copy of the gas safety certificate CP12 to your tenants and make one copy for your record as well.

6• Set a reminder note for your renewal for next 12 months 

Authentic gas safety certificate company or estate agents from London

A registered company or engineer never hides its license. This is mainly reflected in their office. If they didn’t display this, ask them. They will show you. The same applies to the Landlord London gas safety certificate. Gas is a sensitive substance. Therefore, companies need a security license.

Why does the owner need a gas safety certificate?

Gas is always considered to be a dangerous substance. A gas leak may cause death. Therefore, be careful when installing the gas connection in your home or elsewhere. A landlord’s gas safety certificate London is a guarantee that your gas protection is provided by a qualified gas engineer.

Verification is required at least once every 12 months. Connecting to a gas is illegal without confirmed documentation from a gas safety engineer. If someone does not have a security license, he may suffer after investigation as a result of a lawsuit. Therefore, never compromise your safety through such negligence.

How do companies make it easier for their customers to renew their contract?

Most well-known companies always provide their customers with a safety certificate during installation. These companies have special customer service centres. They have your contact information in their systems, as well as the contract terms. When the contract has one or two months left, they will start notifying you for your convenience.

• E-mail

• by phone

First, an email was sent to customers, if they didn’t answer them, they will be informed by phone. You have to take their attention seriously, because some people ignore it and can lose contact with the gas. And you must understand that this design is only for your safety. And also protect your area.

The reason is that when gas starts to leak, it has terrible consequences. It can fill your lungs with carbon monoxide. In addition, if a fire accidentally catches fire, it can destroy the entire house along with living things. Therefore, never jeopardize the safety of your life.

How much does an approximately cost of gas safety certificate?

There is no fixed cost for a landlord gas safety certificate, as the price is depending on the Gas Safe engineer and the areas in London. The cost of certificates is not regulated by the Gas Safety Register, so it is best to choose quotes to compare. The cost of gas safety check can start from £55 to £150 depending on how many gas appliances are in the property.

Can gas service be useful?

It is very important to check the safety of your gas by a qualified engineer. He has experience in identifying and correcting gas problems. Problems must be solved in time. It is better to inspect it by an engineer after six months. But if this is not convincing to you, it should be checked by a qualified engineer after one year. This is the most mandatory. Because if you ignore this, you are doing illegal work by law.

Is a CP12 certificate mandatory for the landlord?

Gas safety is mandatory for commercial places. This procedure is related to your safety. Therefore, it is better not to put yourself in a life-threatening situation. Some people have their gas safety tested by local technicians. Their certificates are not legally acceptable. Because someone who is incapable can do more damage due to lack of knowledge. Only a gas safety engineer from a professional, well-known company is required.

What are the consequences if there is no gas safety certificate?

If the homeowner does not have a gas safety certificate, the gas connection is illegal. And this is considered a crime. There are penalties for the lack of a certificate. If there is no driver’s license, a fine of £ 6,000 will be imposed along with imprisonment. So, save yourself from unnecessary problems and check this in time with a qualified gas engineer.

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