Why Should You Use A Crypto Escrow Service To Buy Online?

Online transactions can be a little tricky because you don’t know the people you are dealing with, and it is difficult to trust anyone. There’s every reason to doubt the person you are transacting with. As the seller, you are wondering if the buyer truly has the funds to make the purchase; and the buyer is also wondering if the seller indeed has the products they are bargaining for. No one wants to be ripped off their hard-earned crypto coin, and that is very understandable.

How do you solve this problem – whether as a buyer or seller? The answer is: escrow services.

What is an escrow service?

According to Essay on Time, an escrow service ensures the safety of funds needed to complete a transaction between buyer and seller. An escrow provider safely keeps the funds in an account to protect the interest of both parties in the transaction. So, the buyer releases the money, but the seller does not get the money. It is kept safely in an account – out of reach to both parties – until the transaction is completed and verified. Only then is the money released. So this service is used mainly for online transactions in which both parties don’t know themselves.

Once the payment has been made in escrow, both parties can securely navigate through the terms of the transaction without fear of scams or lost funds.

If you are new to this term and are not convinced yet, here are some reasons why you should use an escrow service to buy online.

  • Managing disagreements

Arguments may ensue during a seller-buyer arrangement, and there are many legitimate reasons why this can happen. For example, arguments can guarantee the quality of the products delivered, take time to pay for the product, etc. However, when there is no proper contract in place, these arguments may come up, and these arguments are usually frustrating because they are very hard to resolve.

However, with an escrow service, there’ is a reliable third party. Both parties must have agreed that the trusted third party can award the funds to either party after investigating the disagreement.

  • Cost-effective lawyer alternatives

During large transactions, many sellers and buyers agree to work with a lawyer who has to create a legal contract held in court in case of a disagreement. While this makes it safe to conduct the transaction, it does not come cheap. According to essay writers uk at best essay writing service UK, lawyers are pretty expensive and are not always affordable. So you need a system that’s both safe and affordable, and this is what escrow services offer. However, the escrow service only gets a small percent of the cost involved in the transaction.

  • Buyers get an inspection period.

When it comes to making an online purchase, buyers mostly do not get the chance to inspect the product they are buying or evaluate if it is the same quality as the ad the buyer posted and what they expect. This is a problem for online buyers as they can easily get ripped. This is something that escrow services recognize, so buyers get an inspection period to confirm that the product matches the quality they expect. If they love the product and meet the standard, then the seller receives the money, but the item may be rejected and sent to the seller if it does not meet the standard. The funds in escrow mean the buyer can get their money back if the product is not worth it.

  • Sellers are confident of their payment.

In the same way, sellers do not need to worry about whether the buyer has the money for the product or if they will ever get their money back. According to help writing college papers, an escrow service ensures that the buyer sends the fund from the start of the transaction to confirm their payment legitimacy. Sellers can then proceed with the transaction with the confidence that they will get their money.


With the rise of cryptocurrencies and eCommerce sales, escrow services have become more critical than ever. If you do not know much about this before, here are some reasons why you need to use this service.

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