Why Packaging Matters More Than You Think

To thrive, businesses need to master all stages of their operations, even the less exciting ones, like the packaging. In fact, many traders underestimate its importance. In addition to helping reduce operating costs, proper packaging can increase customer satisfaction upon receipt of the package, thereby contributing to the overall customer experience.

Obviously, a packaging must, above all, serve to properly protect the products it contains from the distribution center until it is in the hands of the customer. Packages are handled by multiple people in different environments, including automated environments. The goods must, therefore, be well protected so as not to be damaged.

Below are some reasons why packaging matters more than you think. 

Pack Wisely and Anticipate Peak Periods

The packaging seems like a simple process, but actually, it’s not. The products are placed in a box, dunnage, or padding material is added (as needed), the box is sealed with tape, a shipping label is affixed, and you’re done. Having a clear and simple packaging process in place is important, but making sure it’s optimal is just as important. 

Here are some suggestions for improving it.

Know the Different Types of Packaging

There are a wide variety of packaging options, such as plastic envelopes, padded envelopes, and corrugated box. The same goes for the fillers used to protect fragile shipments: bubble wrap, air cushions, paper, foam, and even popcorn. To make an informed decision and choose the right packaging, retailers can turn to a variety of resources to learn more about the different materials, shapes, and sizes available. 

Avoid Overwrapping

Multiplying boxes or using one box when a padded envelope would do the trick can add up shipping costs unnecessarily.

Have an Assortment of Boxes in Stock

The assortment of boxes to keep in stock depends on the variety of items offered. If a retailer sells items of different sizes, three or four types of boxes should be sufficient. If it only offers one, two box sizes, so one larger for multi-item shipments should be enough. The key is to have an assortment of the right boxes on hand that are sized to accommodate as many products as possible without having too much excess space inside.

Prepare for Peak Periods

Depending on the products they offer, traders could well experience peak periods during the year. It could also be the case when sales or offers are more successful than expected. By keeping enough boxes, say enough for a few weeks, retailers can avoid the shipping delays that disappoint customers so much.

The Right Packaging, Essential for Delivery

Knowing the pricing and infrastructure of their delivery partners is how retailers can reduce shipping costs and ensure their products arrive in the best condition possible in the hands of customers. Choosing the right packaging can have a big impact on delivery. 

The advantages are numerous:

The Shipping Costs are Lower

Carriers calculate shipping costs based on both destination and the size and weight of the box. Avoiding leaving excess space in it is a good way to reduce these costs. But be careful not to skimp on the filling material!

Delivery is Made Easy

Knowing the dimensions and specifications of your carrier’s call points increases the likelihood that delivery can be made on the first attempt. Many buyers receive their orders in community mailboxes, letterbox batteries, or parcel lockers. It is, therefore, better to provide packaging which can be placed without a problem in the compartments of this equipment.

The Customer Experience is Enhanced

Customizing the packaging by using company-branded boxes or adding colorful tissue paper will delight buyers. That little touch might take a little longer and drive up costs, but it’s a great way to stand out

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