Why More People Should Sell Their Gadgets for Cash

There are definitely times when some people have to wonder about how to make a quick buck. Perhaps rent is due and there isn’t quite enough to cover it in your bank account. Maybe you just want some extra spending money for a new outfit to wear on Saturday night. Luckily for you, these things won’t require you to do something questionable like sell your kidneys.

One of the easiest ways to make some quick cash on the side is to sell your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and whatever electronic gadgets you have lying around the house. Keep reading to learn about more reasons why people should be selling their gadgets online in exchange for cash.

The process is quick and easy

If you search “sell iPhone” on Google, you’ll be astounded by the number of results that pop up. There are tons of companies that now accept your unwanted gadgets in exchange for cash. The best companies have a simple process that can be completed in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Get a Quote

Figuring out how much your phone or other gadget is worth is simple. It just requires you to select your specific device on the company’s website and answer a few basic questions. These questions will ask specifics about your gadget’s overall condition (don’t expect to get the full amount if you have a practically non functioning phone and decide to lie about it on the questionnaire).

Step 2: Ship Your Gadget

Once you have filled out your basic information and info on the gadget you’re hoping to sell, you will receive a shipping label from the company. Be sure not to choose a service that requires you to pay for shipping fees; the best ones will provide free shipping and send you a prepaid label via email.

Step 3: Receive Cash

The most exciting part of the process happens in step 3. Once you have shipped your gadget and the company has received it, you’ll get paid. First they’ll have to do some testing on your device to see if you were actually honest about the condition.

Once the testing is completed and everything seems A-okay, you’ll receive your money. You will either be sent a check in the mail, bank transfer, or PayPal/Venmo credit (you’ll choose which one you prefer beforehand).

You might get more than you expected

One of the things keeping you from selling your gadgets in the past could have been the fact that you assumed they were worthless. Who would want your old iPhone 7 with a cracked screen? Or that clunky iPad from several years ago? You’d actually be surprised, and that outdated phone, tablet, or laptop could be worth more than you imagined.

Who knows, that phone from that you replaced a year ago just for a newer model could be worth $200. You won’t know without trying, and if it is sitting in your home in a drawer that is never opened you have nothing to lose.

Your personal information is completely safe

Something else that deters people from selling old gadgets is the worry that personal information will be released out into the world. You don’t actually have to worry about this when you use the services of a reputable company. The company will completely reset your gadget to the original factory setting during the testing procedures.

It allows you to stay up-to-date on current technology

When you sell your old gadgets you’ll always have some extra cash to spend on more current technology. As soon as the new iPhone hits the stores, get in touch with a company that pays you cash for your old techy things, even if your phone still works perfectly well. That way you can get some cash to invest in the brand new, up-to-date iPhone.

It is more sustainable

When you sell your old gadgets, you might not see it as “recycling” but it actually is! These gadgets will be refurbished to their original condition and factory setting and sold back to someone else in the world. When you recycle your old technology, you are actually partaking in more sustainable practices.

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