Why it’s Vital to Start a Blog in College?

If you are a college student thinking of starting a blog, this post will help you understand the real benefits of starting a blog in college. 

Top digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond states that starting a blog has changed his life. He has written a detailed blog starter guide on ClickDo about it and encouragres people to start a blog that matters. 

When we are in college, we have enough time to explore and develop new skills, which not only help you in your college life but for the rest of your life.

Let’s discuss why it’s vital to start a blog in college.

A Blog Provides Opportunities To Express Yourself.

The best part about having a blog is that you can write about any topic you are passionate about.

A blog can act as a tool through which you can share your thoughts and experiences in front of the world and impact others.

You can showcase your talents, interests or knowledge about a particular topic in the form of blogs.

A blog provides you with a voice to reach out to a large audience and present your views & opinions and helps to create your individuality.

A Blog Helps To Solidify Your Knowledge 

Writing a blog will help you to solidify your knowledge, as you will be reading, researching, and writing about the topics.

To create good quality content for your audience, you need to be up to date about the latest and trending things in your niche, which will eventually make you a quick learner and will solidify your knowledge.

A Blog Will Make You More Creative

One of the best benefits that come as a result of creating a blog is that it will allow you to express your creativity.

You can express your creativity by creating unique content original content that will provide your readers with some value, and in this process, you will learn the problem-solving skill which is required in your jobs as well.

A Blog Will Improve Your Communication Skills

Communications skills are considered essential skills, which are required to land your dream job or to make a successful career.

And writing, after all, is a type of communication that people use to exchange thoughts and feelings. 

If you are a student and writing, a blog consistently will help you to express your thoughts and opinion clearly.

The more you practice through blogging, the better communicators you will become.

A Blog Will Generate Income For You 

As a student, are you aware of how much money you can earn through blogging?

Blogging is a skill that never goes away and helps you generate passive income.

You can earn money from your blog by monetizing it by doing Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Guest posting, and so on.

A Blog Will Help You To Make Valuable Connections

If you are serious about your career and want to grab the best career opportunity after college, then you need to connect with people.

A blog is your virtual invitation to the world to get to know your work and you.

When you are putting out your blog in front of people, you will get the opportunity to connect with people, which may include employers and recruiters.

You can showcase your subject expertise, communication skills, and talent with the help of your blog.

In this way, you will be able to show your personality and can grab the best opportunities for your career.

A Blog Can Be Your Portfolio

one of the advantages of having a blog is that it can act as your portfolio by that; what I mean is 

 The great thing about a blog is that all your work is in one accessible place; this means when employers ask to see your work sample or ask you what type of things you have written or what expertise you have.

You can share your blog link and let them know how skilled you are for the job role; in this way, a blog act as a portfolio for you.

 A Blog Will Help You To Boost Your Confidence 

A blog will help you to improve your writing skills, allows you to express yourself, makes you a quick learner, etc.

You will be able to network with more people, and now you have learned a high demand skilled.

All the things that you have learned and improved while blogging will boost your confidence, and you will find yourself with better opportunities in life.

A Blog Will Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing content consistently for your blog will improve your writing skills.

Regularly writing improves and sharpens your brain’s performance as blogging helps you to develop problem-solving skills as well.

And you can use your writing skills and get paid for guest posting opportunities.

This will not only help you to make money online but also allows you to establish yourself as an expert blogger.

A Blog Will Make You a Marketer

Blogging doesn’t end by only writing the content consistently; you need to reach your audience as well.

After writing a blog, you should also know how to promote and optimize your blogs so that it can reach to a broad audience.

For that, you need to write your articles SEO friendly, and you should also know the different channels to promote your content.

So content marketing also plays a vital part in blogging in this way; you will learn new marketing strategies & techniques which will help you to become a marketer.


So now you know why it’s vital to start a blog in college. 

Just by starting a blog in college will open the doors to many opportunities as having useful connections, passive income, a portfolio that you can show to land your dream job.

And most importantly, you will learn a high demand skill like blogging, which will stay with you for a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for …?

You can start learning to blog today with the best blogging course create by SeekaHost Univeirsty instcurtors.

You can also check out an in-depth guide written by Fernando on how to start a Blog in India as a student, which helps you to get started with your blog easily. 

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