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Why is Arabica Coffee So Special?

Of the four major types of coffee available, Arabica is the most prominent. It is the most dominant cultivar and is thought to be the first species that was cultivated. Its production represents about 60% of the total unfiltered coffee production in the world.

This coffee type initially came from Ethiopia although it was first cultivated in Yemen. It is low in caffeine and has a smooth, delicious taste. It is also less acidic and with a more intricate flavor than other types. You can read more on this here.

This type of coffee is usually farmed in areas where there are high altitudes with plenty of rain and shade. The plants of the Arabica are easy to tend although they require plenty of care and attention. They are fairly small and quite easy to prune. Typically, they do not grow taller than 6 inches and this makes them also easy to harvest.

Additionally, these plants are delicate; the most delicate of the different coffee types. They are easily affected by the environment and thus are prone to diseases. For this reason, they have to be cultivated with utmost care. Usually, when they are grown in an unnatural climate, it requires double the effort to keep the plants healthy.

Because it is the most desired and most popular species, it is often cultivated in large quantities called “monoculture”. However, doing so carries great potential for a disaster. This is because the plant is susceptible to diseases. If one plant is affected by disease there is a high possibility that it will contaminate the whole farm.

This probability and the amount of care and attention it needs make the price of Arabica high in the global market. Even so, many coffee drinkers prefer it and do not mind paying for the difference.

Varieties of Arabica Coffee

Arabica coffee has a large family of different varieties. This is often based on where they originate. The common varieties include but are not limited to:

  • Typica 
  • Bourbon
  • Caturra
  • Catuai
  • Gesha
  • Cartimor
  • Jackson,
  • Jember
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain
  • Kent

Why Arabica Is So Special

You must have seen on coffees labels and packages the following phrase(s): “Arabica Coffee” or ‘Arabica Beans”. At times, you will see 100% appended to any of the two phrases. The reason is not far-fetched. 

This species of beans is more desirable. It is full of great flavors and aroma making it quite delicious and interesting to drink. Because it is grown at higher elevations, it adds to its complex flavor and acidity making it of premium quality. A sip of this beverage will provide your taste buds and nose with a rich mix of fruity flavors and alluring aromas.

The beans of the Arabica are filled with a higher amount of fats and sugar than any other species of coffee. This makes it takes less bitter and notably better. Its caffeine content is also significantly less making it by far the best coffee species. 

High-quality Arabica beans have bright and shiny bodies with the right amount of acidity and blends of intricate flavors and aroma. It is best to serve it hot and black. 

When served cold or with cream and milk, it loses some of its great taste to a slight degree. However, this does not mean that it still would not taste great. Drinking it hot just tastes much better. 

Wondering ‘where can I buy Arabica coffee? You can always find it in your local grocery store. Just ensure to check factors like its quality, roast date and if it is 100% Arabica.

Reasons To Drink Arabica Coffee

There are many benefits to drinking Arabica. You will find some of these below.

It Is Full of Vitamins and Minerals 

Arabica coffee is chock full of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin B which helps to improve metabolism. It also helps to regulate hormonal balance. Some common minerals it contains include magnesium, manganese, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, etc.

It Contains Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables remain one of the most recommended types of foods that you can eat. They are healthy and you really cannot go wrong with them. However, coffee contains more antioxidants than they do making it perfect for your health.

Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation. Oxidation produces free radicals that can damage the cells and antioxidants helps to prevent this. This means that a cup of coffee does help you fight these disease-causing chemicals.

It Reduces The Risk of Diseases

Numerous studies have shown that drinking Arabica coffee can prevent or reduce the risk of contracting certain illnesses. These include diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

It Helps in Losing Weight 

Drinking coffee helps to energize your body and this, in turn, makes you alert and active. Your brain and body can move faster and in essence, you burn calories quickly especially when taken without milk or cream. This ultimately helps in losing weight.

If you prefer to have yours with milk, you may use low-fat milk. This will help to avoid taking in too many calories.

It Helps to Stay Hydrated

Drinking coffees keep you hydrated as it is around 95% of water. Additionally, it can help to control hydration and blood pressure because it contains a high level of potassium and low levels of sodium.

Reduced Risk of Tooth Cavities

By drinking Arabica, you have a lower chance of having issues with your teeth. This is because it fights cavity causing bacteria called lactobacillus acidophilus. The caffeine present in the drink along with chlorogenic acids helps to achieve this.

In addition to all the above, it is known to be great for the hair and skin. For this reason, it is used in skincare products like toners and moisturizers. You can check out the article here to learn more about its benefits 


One thing is sure, you can never go wrong with Arabica coffee. It is not just available as a favorite beverage, it also comes with lots of health benefits. It helps to keep you from sicknesses and various diseases. Additionally, it helps you remain focused and alert.

Remember to check the label when buying to be certain it is 100% Arabica. Also, check the roast level in order to choose the appropriate one. Finally, check its roast and best by dates to confirm its freshness.                           click here

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