Why Does Your Large Dog Need a Harness?

When walking your large dog, you should always use a big dog harness instead of attaching a leash to its collar. Pulling with too much force can injure your canine friend or cause other problems, especially if your dog is already suffering from neck or back pain.

A harness encourages the posture that makes for a good walk.

Why Does This Matter?

Kip Dog Boarding tells us that using a harness creates less strain on your dog’s neck and back. Using a collar, on the other hand, can cause injury – most commonly to the spine and trachea. This is why it’s important to avoid attaching your leash to the collar during walks. 

A big dog harness is a type of dog vest that sits over the torso and can be used instead of a collar during walks. It will have two rings for leash attachment, one on either side of the chest. This way, your pup can pull all they want without it hurting their neck or injuring you.

Better Control

When walking a large breed like a German shepherd, you need all the help you can get to control them. Not only do they have more power than your average fido, but they’re also much larger and that much harder to stop when they decide to take off after a squirrel. 

When you use a big dog harness, it will allow you to have better control over your canine.

Sense of Security

Dogs are pack animals, so they love to feel connected to you. A harness gives your dog a sense of security because it allows them to be close to you and still have the freedom to explore the world around them.


Your dog will fit perfectly with a big dog harness explicitly designed for their body type. A poorly fitted harness that constantly pinches or rubs affected areas can lead to less than optimal experiences that make it hard for your dog to wear it. 

One of the best parts about these dog harnesses is that no buckles or metal clips can hurt your dog, unlike other leashes and harnesses. You’ll be able to hook them up quickly and easily without worrying about hurting your pet. 

Better Health for Your Big Boy

If your dog has pain in its neck or back, then putting on a leash can make it uncomfortable for them. 

However, when you use a harness, the lightweight mesh strap around the chest area will diffuse impact so that there’s less direct pressure on the dog’s back. This is a wonderful alternative for dogs that must wear a collar or harness but can’t handle leashes and collars.

If your dog has sensitive skin, try a harness that doesn’t affect the movement of their legs and allows them to trot freely. Harnesses are designed to evenly distribute weight around your dog’s body. This is especially important if your dog has had surgery on its hips or back.

This can also help ease any tension in your dog’s muscles and body as it walks, promoting a healthier lifestyle for them as well as making walks more comfortable all around.

It’s beneficial to use the right equipment for your large dog – but it’s even more important to care well for them.

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