Why Do You Need a Surrogate Agency?

A surrogate mother is someone that carries the child for another couple, typically those that have problems becoming pregnant. Surrogate mothers receive many benefits helping others including getting paid. The process is prenatal, beginning with the implantation of cells inside of a woman and ending after the infant is born.

The surrogate definition usually falls within this meaning, though where it’s carried out is predicated on how a couple wishes their journey to proceed. It requires a trusted person to carry the child that’s in great health and has an understanding of what will be done for the nine months that the pregnancy lasts.

Given such a burden to someone is best done with the help of a professional staff that can assist with finding a surrogate mother, people capable of making the pregnancy much easier to go through for all parties.

A surrogate agency is the first place to look, whereby a surrogate mother maintains a strict diet and health plan at the request of the parents. This is done through more than a mutual understanding, so the surrogate and parents are both bound to a signed agreement for legal protections for everyone. Below are more reasons why one would need a surrogate.

1. Unable to have children

Infertility is quite common, even for couples that have had children in the past and weren’t expecting trouble for a future pregnancy. A surrogate agency is an ideal place for anyone that wants to have a baby yet cannot for infertility reasons.

There’s nothing too difficult about the process. Others that are unable to have children include same-sex couples and people in a relationship with which at least one person is intentionally infertile. Women that have had a hysterectomy sometimes seek out surrogates when they want a child. Since it’s possible for a woman’s eggs to be retrieved even after a hysterectomy, surrogacy can be carried out no different.

2. Compensation purposes

Seeing that surrogates have a big responsibility, it should come as no surprise that agencies pay them well. But how much do surrogates make?

It depends heavily on where the procedure is taking place. Costs may change from state to state but the average usually falls between $30,000 and $45,000. Surrogate cost may or may not add taxes as a factor in the compensation that’s paid to the surrogate, and payment may not begin until a contract is signed.

3. Sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunction can affect both men and women. One or both could be unable to conceive through lack of intimacy due to various reasons. Although this doesn’t always have to end in contacting a surrogate agency, they are an option for this issue.

Know If Surrogacy Is Good for You

Having gone over how much do surrogates make, who benefits the most from them, and the average amount that’s paid by an agency, people considering this route should understand how the procedure works.

Doing so guarantees that couples and the surrogate will leave the experience happier and willing to recommend surrogacy to other people. Knowing the surrogate definition isn’t enough. Prospective clients are encouraged to ask agencies directly, either in person, via message, or by phone call.

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