Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer After a Boat Accident?

Boating tops the list of leisurely activities for many. It is especially inviting to people stuck in dense urban areas. Being a seaside city, San Diego offers the best of both worlds.

It’s not surprising that upwards of 35 Million visitors throng its shores each year, adding $11.6 billion annually. With such high numbers of people participating in multiple recreational and professional activities offshore, boating-related incidents are inevitable. When they do occur, resulting in bodily harm, contact a personal injury lawyer at once.

From Injury to Compensation

San Diego’s boating rules are intended to keep users safe. Neglecting or ignoring these rules is one of the prime causes of accidents. At times, factors beyond control, like weather conditions, may be the cause. In any case, there are ways to get compensated if you’re a victim of one. For that, you’ll need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to make sure you get the maximum compensation that you’re entitled to.

Evidence Gathering

Evidence is everything if you want the court to give you compensation for your boating accident-related injuries. You’ll need to provide evidence that corroborates your side of the story during a police investigation. The report they file is vital for the case.

Calling your lawyer early on will help them get in on the case quickly and gather as much evidence as possible. They can coordinate with the police more effortlessly and search for more associated evidence, if necessary, in a timely manner.

Dealing Against Coercion for Settlement

The other party might try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement with you soon after the incident. They might even try paying you off to drop your efforts in getting compensation. Don’t yield to these efforts without your lawyer’s green signal.

Insurance companies are also notorious as they try to escape claim payments. The insurer or their agents might intervene early on. It is best to talk to your lawyer about it and not deal with them on your own.

If they threaten you legally or otherwise, stop all communication with them and instruct them to only speak to you through your lawyer.

Learn Your Legal Standing

Your lawyer will help determine the cause for the accident, which could be negligence, recklessness, driving under the influence, weather, etc., and help decide the possible course of action.

The distance of the vessel from you or someone you hit, the boat’s speed at the time of the incident, its distance from a beach frequented by people, the boat type, etc., are all factors that will determine your legal standing.

You must also file the claim within two years of the incident as per California’s Statute of Limitations law. Having a lawyer ensures all necessary filings are completed ahead of time.

They’ll also determine the applicable personal injury compensation laws after going through your medical report provided by the hospital that treated you for the accident-related injuries.

Going To Court

Your lawyer will fight on your behalf in court using the report they’ve filed in your defense. They’ll attend hearings and trials even if you’re indisposed by your injuries.

Boating in San Diego can be fun but also deadly. Should it go south, a personal injury lawyer can help you get back up and ride the waves again.

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