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Why dairy free ice cream is the newest thing

Everybody loves ice cream both young and old

Is ice cream healthy for you?  Now there is dairy free ice cream that is a healthier choice.  It is made from plants and not cows milk.  I know it sounds weird but people that have tried it love it.  If you are an ice cream lover then you need to try dairy free ice cream.  You won’t go back to regular ice cream after having this delicious dairy ice cream.  Most ice cream brands are now making dairy free ice cream also and you can have the brand you love and can choose which ice cream you want to eat.  Dairy free ice cream is rich and creamy.  Tastes like the real thing.  There are recipes for dairy free ice cream if you want to try and make your own.   Dairy free ice cream comes in various flavors.  Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mocha almond, coconut, chocolate chip, cherry, mango, and so many more.

Have an ice cream party and have dairy free ice cream in all flavors that your friends can test and see which one is the best.  Children would love doing this.  It would be a fun activity for them and a healthy one.  You could have prizes or games.  Be creative!  Instead of pin the tail on the donkey you can blind fold them and have them taste different flavors and the one that says the right one gets a prize.  Children always love this type of thing.  I would advise doing it in the kitchen or the backyard because it could get messy.  This would be a good way to introduce dairy free ice cream to your children and adults that are skeptical about the new taste.  Dairy free ice cream is so creamy they won’t notice the difference.  This is the best thing that has come out in the stores.  It is better than all the candy and junk food they are accustomed too.  It can help with getting on the right path to better eating habits.  Even schools should carry dairy free ice cream for children.

A Little History of dairy free ice cream

In June of 1983 the first ice cream sandwich was dairy free and made in Tennessee.   With so many children becoming lactose intolerant the diary free is becoming a household name.  They don’t feel left out when their friends are eating regular ice cream.  Anyone that is on a diet and wants to lose some pounds makes diary free ice cream a good choice.  They won’t feel deprived when they are craving ice cream.  Eating dairy free ice cream is a healthier choice versus the regular ice cream.  Many people will say they know the difference between dairy free and regular ice cream and would never try it.  When they do try it, they are amazed at the taste and wouldn’t realize what they were eating unless they were told or saw the package.  The grocery stores are having a hard time keeping it on the shelf.  It has been a big hit.  Restaurants should have dairy free ice cream on their dessert list.  It’s a great treat!  You can look up dairy free ice cream and see who is selling it in your area.  Some places are delivering it to your home if you order online.  This is making it more appealing to the shopper in the house.  Your dairy free ice cream won’t melt on the way home.  They come in all size containers just like regular ice cream.  So try dairy free ice cream today.  You won’t be sorry you did and you will love it.

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