Why Choose Engraved Bricks For Fundraising

Are you brainstorming how to raise money for your favorite charity or cause? You should consider an engraved bricks fundraiser! 

What are engraved bricks?

These are bricks that have been engraved with a message, logo, or other designs, such as the donor’s name or company logo. Engraved bricks are usually sold per piece or auctioned off for fundraising. They are then used to build a walkway (e.g., Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County‚Äôs entrance pathway) or other structures, or added to existing structures like fireplaces.

Why go for an engraved bricks fundraiser?

Selling engraved bricks is a great way to raise money because of the following reasons: 


Common fundraisers include art shows, bake sales, dinner parties, film fests, and fashion shows. Few fundraisers involve engraved bricks, so this will make your campaign stand out. 

Low cost 

With an engraved bricks fundraiser, you need to spend only on any marketing materials you need to promote the fundraiser and the engraved bricks themselves. The cost of each brick can be as low as $0.50 per brick. Therefore, if you sell 200 engraved bricks at $0.50 each, your total cost would be $100. 

This is a much lower cost than other common fundraisers, which often have high upfront costs. For example, a fashion show fundraiser may require you to rent a venue, hire models, and buy food and drinks for guests. This can easily cost thousands of dollars. 

High margins

Engraved bricks also have the potential to raise more money than other types of fundraisers. For example, if you sell 200 engraved bricks at $20 each, you would raise $4000, which is much more than what most bake sales or art shows usually raise. 

Easy to set up 

To set up an engraved bricks fundraiser, all you need is a brick engraving company, a place to sell the bricks (e.g., online, at events), and a way to promote the campaign (e.g., through social media, email, print, and word-of-mouth.) 

In contrast, to set up a bake sale, for example, you would need to find volunteers, bake the goods, set up a booth or table, and promote the event. This can be a lot of work for just one day.  


You can customize the bricks to include your charity or cause’s name, logo, or other designs. This means donors can have their names or messages engraved on the bricks, making them feel more connected to the cause. 

Long-lasting impact

When people donate to an engraved bricks fundraiser, they know that their donation will have a lasting impact. This is because engraved bricks are made to last and will be used to build a walkway or other structure that will be used for years to come. Donors will then feel like they are leaving a lasting legacy when they purchase an engraved brick. Not only that, but they will also be reminded of your cause whenever they visit the location where the bricks are displayed. 

In contrast, with a film showing, for example, the money raised will be used for a one-time event or expenses. Once the event is over, the money is gone.

There are many other reasons why engraved bricks make a great choice for your next fundraiser. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your engraved bricks fundraiser today!

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