Why Are So Many People Leaving California?

At this point in time, it is no secret that middle-class people in America do not see California as a desirable place to live. And it is not only the middle class, but the rich too want to leave the state for its disproportionate and high tax structure. It is an unsaid open secret that a mass exodus is taking place in California. The problem is so dire that the state government cannot find an immediate solution to fix the situation. In 2019 alone, more than 500,000 people left California and settled in the neighboring states. The whooping number is a valid cause of concern and indicates a problem rooted deep within. 

The Problem Of Homelessness: Sadly enough, it is not uncommon to see homeless people lined the streets as you go around the busy streets of California. Despite spending so much money on the state welfare system, California is still one of the states with an increased rate of homelessness. The poverty rate in California is consistently higher than other states in America; 18% of people here live below the poverty line and may very well suffer homelessness. Therefore, statistics suggest that one in five people falls under the poverty line in California.

  • Posh neighborhoods are soon turning into areas where homeless people start hanging out. They put up their tent on the side of the road, and it is getting harder to get rid of them. 
  • The homeless people defecate on the street since they have no other place to go, making the whole neighborhood unsafe and dirty. They also use and distribute illegal substances to make money, leaving syringes and needles on other people’s property. 
  • These homeless people target the rich to channel all their frustration and hatred. Therefore, the situation makes it harder for everyone to live in The Golden State.

Affordable Living: California has failed to provide affordable living to its middle-class population. The rent prices are also very high in the state. According to data, the average rent in California is $1,420 per month, whereas, for Texas, it’s $917 per month. Neighboring cities provide low-cost, affordable housing to their people. In California, one cannot get a median house with a budget of less than $700,000; on the contrary, in Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and many other states, people can get a decent three-bedroom house with a backyard for just under $350,000. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the great California Exodus is taking place, forcing people to move into different cities to have a better lifestyle instead of staying in California to be broke and homeless. Expensive Living: California gas price is a dollar higher than the national average. And due to the heavy traffic, it takes longer on the road to get to the workplace in California. It is not only the poor and middle class who face financial bankruptcy, but the rich also have to pay heavy taxes. The rich may have to pay more than 13 percent of their hard-earned dollars to states. Therefore, many rich and famous are fleeing the city to save their millions on taxes.

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