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Who is the target demographic for Air Jordans?

I’ll say it here first, I think Air Jordans are for absolutely everyone. They have created a brilliant line of shoes that work well with street wear, sportswear and also on occasions formal wear. However, when Nike first released their Air Jordan line the marketing team were targeting men ages 18 –35. Initially the main purpose of Air Jordans were for wearing on the basketball court. In 2019 Nike really set out to produce a variety of shoes that would be suitable for women and as a result the Women’s training segment ended up growing at a much faster rate than the Men’s training segment. In 2018 the opposite of this was true.

Nike splits their target geographical audience into 4 main segments. North America, Europe and Africa, China and Asia Pacific.  North Americans made up 40.3% of total sales in the first quarter of the 2020 financial year.

With all of this being said who are the real fans? In my opinion anyone who picks their Jordans based off of whether or not they like the shoe, and not the hype around the shoe, is a true fan. It is for this reason that it can be a struggle sometimes when wanting to buy some Jordans. There’s nothing worse than seeing a design you love only to find out that they were sold out to sneaker heads that are selling them for a largely inflated price. A solid way to get around this is to purchase UA’s. These UA’s are for true fans that want to buy the shoes they love without spending thousands. As I always say – don’t go broke trying to look rich.  You can buy cheap jordan shoes from here.

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