Which Material Is Best For Your Furniture

It is recognised that getting new furniture could be both thrilling and perplexing, with so many possibilities and varieties on the marketplace in Singapore.

Although there are many factors to consider when choosing furniture, the material is a typical and important one. Considering the benefits and drawbacks of various furniture pieces is critical for determining the best match for your house.

Take a look at the mixture of furniture in Singapore with functional materials and choose the ideal one for your residence without being dazzled.

Even though you know exactly what you want, making a decision can be difficult since there are so many possibilities. However, if you are familiar with the home furnishing components, you will be able to do the task swiftly and with the least amount of effort.

What material is your dreamy furniture based on?

Let’s look at some of the most convenient and widely attainable furniture components in Singapore!


Among the most common furniture components is wood. For centuries, it’s been the primary material used in the production of furniture. For decades, wood has been used to make everything from storage containers to beds and tables, rendering its incorporation into the decor basic. Although it is frequently utilised, it is often a more expensive option than the majority of the alternatives. As a result, it is recommended that the furniture could be used for an extended time.

Cane / Wicker

Wicker or Cane seems to be another substance that has been around for a long time. It is becoming less prevalent nowadays in Singapore. Nevertheless, there are still many inexpensive and attractive cane furnishings alternatives open. However, remember that it requires complementing decor to fit within the interior. Though it adds fresh charm to the household, it is not completely durable, and it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good.

Plywood / MDF

MDF/Plywood is a low-cost option for contemporary interior design. It has the fundamental appearance of wood, although it is a lower-cost choice with less endurance. Nonetheless, with emerging advancements of frequent house renovations, it has undoubtedly been one of the main materials in today’s furniture industry.

A glossy and rich lacquer surface is another option for attractive MDF furniture in Singapore. The items will have a lively and stylish appearance. They blend flair and minimalism to provide the best modern decor alternative.


Glass is a cutting-edge concept in interior design. There are some styles of furniture that are entirely constructed of glass. However, many tables, racks, and even study tables can be composed of a variety of elements, with glass serving as the dominant material. Although glass may lend beauty and sophistication to furniture, it is more brittle than other elements and thus, needs to be handled with care.


Acrylic has a strong resemblance to glass; however, it is a less expensive choice. Not just that, it is far more robust than even the finest grade safety glass; it has outstanding durability. Though this is economical, it can not provide a contemporary or fashionable appearance in the long term. It is a wonderful alternative for a short period.


Stainless steel, or materials such as chrome and aluminium, are prevalent in current, high-tech interior design concepts. Some furnishings, like glass, would be built entirely of steel. On the contrary, in both utilitarian and ornamental pieces, many of them would contain metal inlays for sturdiness with other elements. Although it adds performance without contributing much mass, it does not have a traditional appearance. As a result, it is not widely used in Singapore.

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