Which Crypto To Buy Today For Short-Term?

Crypto trading and investment allow for gaining incomes in the short and long run. Since cryptocurrency price is unstable, it always moves up and down, creating different market trends (bear and bull trends). Investors can buy digital assets and hold them in for the long term, waiting until the crypto market skyrockets, multiplying initial investments many times. Or there is an option to receive a profit in the short term, investing in some promising crypto assets.

There are thousands of assets on the crypto market – some are well-known, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc.; others are less popular and with a lower market capitalisation. Popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., are the most promising digital assets for long-term investments. Their price is more stable and follows huge market trends, so one should not expect any significant price fluctuations during the day or in the short term. They are good for the “buy and hold” trading strategy when investors purchase coins and keep them for months or even years until the overall market trend changes.

How to Pick an Asset to Buy for Short-Term?

Here are criteria to help you choose crypto for short-term investment:

  • Check out the cryptocurrency price prediction. Consider only credible experts and analytics.
  • Analyse the events and partnerships planned shortly. Read the social media of the project and its Roadmap.
  • Are there any essential updates planned for the project in the near future?

If there are some interesting partnerships, cooperations, or updates scheduled shortly, it can be a good reason to invest in the project, for there are all the chances that it will become popular and its asset’s price will grow.

Notice: the lower the asset’s market capitalisation, the more chances the coin will boost. And on the contrary, the bigger the cap (like BTC, ETH), the less volatility is, thus, the fewer chances to make huge gains in the short term.

The complete list of crypto assets is introduced on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. The platform offers a White Blog, where you will find the description of young crypto projects and helpful guides on trading.

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