Where to use Bitcoin for W88?

There are several ways to get Bitcoin:

  1. You can win it on W88 Club.
  2. Buy from someone you know for cash.
  3. The best place to get a cryptocurrency exchange.

Regarding the first point, you should be aware that you can use your credit or debit card to make a deposit, and then cash out your Bitcoin winnings. However, I’ll write this guide as if you’re planning to deposit and play Bitcoin. In that case, you must almost certainly buy it on a cryptocurrency exchange.

For beginners, I recommend one crypto exchange: Coinbase. Yes, it irritates crypto purists, but if you read a beginner’s guide to play with Bitcoin, I assume you’re not one.

To buy your first Bitcoins, follow steps below.

  1. To get started, go to and sign up. Because it’s a legitimate and legal cryptocurrency exchange, you’ll need to provide a copy of your government ID to verify your identity.
  2. Choose Bitcoin from the asset list and click Buy button. Choose your preferred payment method after deciding how much to spend.
  3. As with any other purchase, enter your credit/debit card information. First, you may have an account limit, limiting the amount you can buy.
  4. Confirm making the purchase. Within minutes, your newly purchased Bitcoins will be in your wallet.

Bitcoin’s Most Out – Wallets and Transfers

It can be hard for some to get started with Bitcoin transactions, but I assure you it’s far less difficult than it appears. Before going into a detailed explanation of how to use Bitcoin, remember these “big image” facts.

  1. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash. It’s like Napster’s money-based version.
  2. You send Bitcoin to and from wallets.
  3. Multiple wallets can be opened simultaneously.
  4. Every Bitcoin transaction receives a small network fee.
  5. Completing Bitcoin transactions takes about 10 minutes.

Understanding the next section should be easier now you know these Bitcoin facts. As if you were sending Bitcoin from your exchange wallet to a Bitcoin play site like W88, as if you were.

Transfer Bitcoins to W88 Account

As mentioned in the previous section, I assume you’ve already purchased Bitcoin. Until you transfer it, your exchange wallet will remain. The first step is to get your w88’s Bitcoin wallet address.

  1. Go to your favorite Bitcoin play site and log in. Select Bitcoin as your preferred cashier payment method.
  2. Copy and paste your w88yes Bitcoin wallet address. Don’t try typing it manually. You’ll lose Bitcoins if you make a mistake.
  3. Return to Remitano and join your account. Select your Bitcoin wallet menu “withdraw.”
  4. Enter the Bitcoin wallet address you’d like to withdraw. You’ll keep your bitcoins here.
  5. Check the address correctly by double-checking it. Enter the amount of Bitcoin in the box below. Wait until your Bitcoin arrives after confirming the transaction.

How long will a Bitcoin transaction take and how much will it cost?

Within 10-15 minutes, your Bitcoin will reach your w88 account. A transaction’s cost varies depending on how busy the network is, but it’s usually around $5 these days. This is more expensive than many other cryptocurrencies, but it’s the cost of using the safest blockchain, and it’s still much less than 6 percent credit card fee.

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