Where to buy r4i gold 3ds plus for hacking 3DS in Italy?

buy r4i gold 3ds plus

In this post, let’s discussbuy r4i gold 3ds plus, sd card and user guide, where is the cheapest site to buy the r4i gold 3ds plus for hacking 3ds in Italy? if you have more question on this flash card , welcome to ask in

R4i gold plus Switch

The R4i gold 3ds plus card has a bulit-in switch into its cartridge, yes, please notice, the switch is not on the flashcard, but in the flash cartridge. What’s the purpose of the switch? It is using for users to toggle between NTR mode to NDS mode.

  • In the NTR mode, r4i gold 3ds plus rts supports! NTRboothax, can be used to install B9S and! CFW to any 3DS system device.
  • In the NDS mode, r4i gold 3ds rts plus? is a ds game flashcard as usual, can be used easily? to play thousands of free! ds games on 3DS or DSI firmware console.

    R4i gold 3ds plus sd card

  • R4i gold 3ds plus should work with a microsd card. It is used to saving kernel, homebrew or other files for the buy r4i gold 3ds plus flash card. But choose a microsd card must be very careful for the r4i gold 3ds plus. Some sd cards are just not compatible with the r4i gold 3ds plus. We recommend you buying Sandisk micro sd card for an R4i gold 3ds plus, size can be 8gb or larger, class can be 4 or higher, you must get a working microsd card for r4i gold 3ds plus by ordering them both in

  • R4i gold 3ds plus user guide

  • R4i gold 3ds plus has 2 major functions, one is to install B9S/CFW to the 3ds, the other is to play free NDS roms for you. You can follow the guide here.
  • A. Setup r4i gold 3ds plus to play free DS games, go to here : .
  • B. Use r4i gold 3ds plus to install B9S/CFW, go to here

Where to buy 3ds r4i gold plus card with shipping from Italy?

Let me introduce buy r4i gold 3ds plus to you , it is shipping from EU , or if you are in the Europe, order from, it can send an R4i gold 3ds plus from the France to X. and all of our products can be chosen free shipping to worldwide. And we support PayPal and credit card payment, if your payment was failed!, please contact: [email protected] via! mail. 

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