Where in London to buy Scottish Tartan ladies Kilt?

Back in the old days, Kilts were gender specified, and only Scottish men could wear the kilts but as the time has passed by the apparel has been loved without any gender-based parity. In this article, we are going to talk about where in London to buy Scottish Tartan ladies Kilt. Though kilts have been available widely these days if you are ‘she’ and looking for a premium quality tartan kilt in UK, then this is your spot of  5.11 tactical duty kilt

Is the Kilt Irish or Scottish?

It should be the first question that needs to be answered for those who does not belong to Scottish heritage. Although Kilts are linked with Scotland when it comes to culture, it is worn in both Scotland and Ireland as a symbol of honour and prestige. Furthermore, both countries have some difference when it comes to Kilt.

What is the female equivalent of Kilt?

The ladies equivalent of Kilt is known as Arasaid as back in the old-time, females were not allowed to wear kilts. The Arasaids were full-length skirt-like apparel worn with ghillies, shirt, and shawl by the Scottish women. The females also used the clan badge or brooch to pin the tartan to their shoulder.

Female Tartan mini Kilts

As time has modernized and fashion became widely available for everyone to follow, kilts too, trended as a fashion statement. Traditionally the apron was worn with the seam on the right side (the same side as a man’s Kilt). These days, however, the ladies prefer the seam to be on the left side.

What are the excellent Kilt shops in London?

As you know, we only recommend shopping from the online marketplace when it comes to Kilt. Most online stores offer worldwide delivery when it comes to kilts. However, some of these are London-based and deliver in nearby areas faster. Here are the top 3 kilt stores that offer high-end kilted skirts for ladies in the UK:


This store offers high-quality kilts along with the Scottish Tartan dress for both men and women. You can also find Tartan Kilt skirt for your kids from Tartanista, that you can also find accessories on the store.

The Scotland Kilt company

The e-commerce store has been established for a long time and offers a wide range of female tartan skirts. The price is also highly affordable. The delivered items reach the destination quickly and possess premium quality.

Kinloch Anderson

There is a wide range of Tartan Kilts for women on this portal. From every Tartan apparel to a wide variety of color and size, this store is rocking in the online marketplace Leather Kilts for Men

Final Word

If you are a female and looking for the answer to popularly ask the question where in London to buy Scottish tartan ladies Kilt? In this article, we have talked about the top three online stores where you can buy the top-notch quality kilts anywhere in the UK.

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