What’s in Your Toolbox?

Truck toolboxes are critical for anyone with a work truck, but especially for drivers of flatbed trucks who rely solely on installed toolboxes for storing their essentials. What kind of gear is in the slick-looking black aluminum toolbox mounted on the back of the average flatbed truck? While the specifics certainly depend on the nature of the truck and the work, here’s a list of 10 items that would be a good idea for anyone working in any industry to keep in their truck toolbox:

1. Spare headlamps and other bulbs

Truckers don’t want to get caught driving down the road with only one working headlight. It’s unsafe and illegal and exposes you to annoying roadside inspections. Keeping a spare or two on hand in your toolbox will keep both lights shining bright. The same applies to taillights, trailer lights, blinker lights, running lights, and others.

2. Miscellaneous spare parts

Your goal is to keep on rolling. You might occasionally need to make some basic repairs on the fly to achieve that goal. Keeping spare parts that require frequently need replacing in your toolbox is a good idea and will save you significant time and money.

3. Fluids

Carrying fluids for your vehicles, such as motor oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, and others, is just basic common sense.

4. Fuses and circuits

Sometimes the problem with your truck is as simple as a blown fuse. Learning how to identify which circuits and fuses go with the various systems in your truck and how to replace them will help you avoid expensive trips to the shop.

5. Flares and flashers

Breaking down in the dark at least once is probably inevitable, especially if you log many miles in your work truck. Be prepared with emergency flares and flashers so that being invisible in the dark doesn’t worsen a bad situation.

6. Fasteners

A solid assortment of fasteners on hand in your toolbox will help you get out of any number of jams. Nuts and bolts should, of course, be included, but a bag of quality cable ties is also essential.

7. Bungee cords

Can you ever have too many bungee cords? We don’t think so.


Not a cheap one; a solid, heavy-duty flashlight with a bright beam and good battery life is invaluable.

8. Headlamp

Having a headlamp that gives you light and keeps your hands free is a lifesaver.

9. Tire Thumper

Nothing works faster for checking tire pressures than a thumper. The convenience of a thumper helps you check your pressures often, which will keep you safer on the road.

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