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What you Need to Know Before Building a Website

Starting a website is a great idea, but it comes with its challenges if you are new to the process. It may take you time to get the grip of building a website and these virtues: Patience, planning, and time and the services of a website builder to perfect your work. 


Hundreds of people decide to put up websites, but the process leaves them daunted, stressed, lost, and clueless. Therefore, to avoid being a victim of these issues, you need to know and consider things before you begin. The items you need to do to build and maintain a website will be significant if you think like a customer and consider the following factors.

Things You Need to Know Before Building a website.

  1. Your goals?

Brainstorm and establish the reason behind your idea of building a website. Is marketing your goal? Are you working to gain and retain new customers? Are you dedicated to providing information to people about different issues? Do you intend to encourage others to take a particular path? Finding a clear answer to these questions will give you a clear focus, and then you can progress.

  1. Domain name

If your mind is decided on the reason you intend to have a website, you need a name that describes the exact purpose. The title of a website is known as a Domain name, and it is the initial step to web design. 

The website builder you opt to use will help you make an informed choice on where you can register your domain name depending on your financial ability. They have different packages for a month, quarterly, half a year, or annually. However, having a domain does not mean you have a site, but it is the same as registering a business.

Remember to select a domain name that is easy, memorable, and catchy for your readers to remember. Also, make sure it is related to the work you intend to do on your site. Your domain should fully represent your brand.

The platform you decide to use when getting a domain will help you develop a unique brand to give them hints or keywords to your services and industry. 

  1. Know your target 

Do you know the group you want to address? The specific group is called a Target audience(TA). You cannot create content for anybody who will come across it! Your user or TA must find your content appealing and helpful to keep them coming back and yearning to read your content. 

If you fail to do this, your site will join the many aimless sites online. But how do you establish your TAs needs? The internet provides many analytic tools that will aid in answering this question for you. Using these tools will help you determine the kind of content your TA desires, then you can address their needs. 

  1. Web Hosting

Deciding on a hosting plan can be overwhelming but take your time to select the ideal plan. Any website builder you choose to work with will give you information on hosts and recommendations. Don’t just follow but read through as you do research to find the best building. 

You can decide to use a shared plan to start off as you work to develop your site to get followers. Growing a devoted following is vital, and it will not happen overnight. Also, find reviews on several hosts to see what other website owners recommend them. 

Make sure your site has a fast loading time, as readers will not waste time waiting on a slow webpage. The internet has millions of sites offering the same content, so they will drop yours and opt for another. Also, poor hosting will negatively affect your webpage ranking.

  1. Select design and layout

During your research, you have an inkling of the design and style you want. You can create a mood board by grabbing or borrowing ideas from sites that you like. You cannot copy everything but borrow ideas to make your own. Ensure that the colors you choose are attractive, and the layout should have sketches and drawings that put together your thoughts. 

  1. Create and post content

Content is the message you want to pass to your readers. It must be exciting enough to get them hooked. You need to find tools that help you determine the length of what you write about. You cannot write anything! Find what readers are enquiring from search engines and answer their questions satisfactorily using facts and make sure to remain relevant. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is the backbone of your content. It is the means of communication between your content and search engines. Proper use of primary keywords and secondary keywords will influence your ranking and hook up your readers.

The keywords are what people type in search engines. The search engine will then fetch the content. If your content is well incorporated with keywords, then your content will be among the answers provided when a reader searches for that particular word. For a beginner, Google Adwords is a great tool to search for keywords for whatever subject.


Building a website is not an idea you come up with and execute immediately. It may sound like fun owning one, but you need to consider so many things before you start, as detailed above. Seek the help of a website builder to make your work easier and to get good results. The cost is another factor that might influence the factors above because in order to do some things, you may need to hire professionals, like for web design. 

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