What You Need to Know About Blind Graphic Design T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts are pretty popular nowadays. They are colorful, dramatic, and expressive clothing items for people of all age groups. Many people love to wear these t-shirts. But what if you are blind? Would it be possible to wear and enjoy the blind graphic design t-shirts?

Here is the information if you want to know about these t-shirts, how they are created, and who could benefit from wearing them.

What are blind graphic design t-shirts?

According to reports, the global custom t-shirt printing market is expected to generate a considerable revenue opportunity of $68,235 million during the forecast period from 2021 to 2027.

You may have come across a t-shirt with the design of the ever-famous comic sans MS on it, or maybe one with some cute quote. These are called “blind graphic designs”. They are created by using braille. Braille is formed by six dots placed in two columns of three. Each dot represents a letter or number.

The style, also known as the blind design, was first used to create signs for handicap-accessible spaces and restrooms. It was not before 1984 when it became popular with the release of “The Never-ending Story” movie. Each episode of the film had to have its unique logo. It is where graphic design was utilized to create these logos.

One of the most notable creators of this art form is James Charles Castle, who has created logos for movies and has created a few graphic design t-shirts for the blind.

Who could benefit from wearing such a t-shirt?

How often have people wanted to buy clothes only to find the same ones as everyone else? So, visually challenged people can benefit from wearing these t-shirts because they provide a sense of individuality and style.

There are so many styles and designs available for clothing that you can be spoilt for choice. But it can be often challenging to find one particular thing that fits your style without paying a fortune.

Besides being comfortable clothing items, these t-shirts are also a great way to tell everybody about your favorite movie, comic book hero, or cartoon character. Since there are many different ones out there, everyone can choose their design and look of choice. With blind graphic design t-shirts, you do not face any problem with regard to boring graphics because you get to choose what you want, and no one will have the same t-shirt as you.

How are blind graphic design t-shirts made?

The design for such graphic t-shirts is usually printed on high-quality cotton or polyester shirts with air-jet spun yarns that make the fabric soft and more comfortable to wear. These t-shirts are created the same way as any other graphic tee would be made. The image would be placed onto a screen to be displayed on the laser printer. The design is then done in black and white. There can also be color added if you want to color. However, the color option will depend on your ordering.

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