What to Look for when Buying an Extended Car Warranty

Warranties that the factory manufacturers issue might not last long, and you may need to get an extended auto warranty for your car. This is a standard service that many auto shops offer. You can obtain an extended warranty in two ways, a powertrain or bumper to bumper.

When you buy bumper to bumper warranty, it covers almost all the parts of your car, while a powertrain warranty covers only your engine and transmission defects. If you ruin some parts like the engine while driving carelessly or parts like the air filter spoil, an extended warranty does not cover that. It would help if you considered several factors before purchasing an extended warranty, the major one being the extended car warranty cost

Below are a few more pointers.

1. What the warranty covers

Before purchase, ensure you get all the details of what the warranty covers. Your extended warranty providers should offer you a list of what they cover. Once you go through it, you can make an informed decision on whether the warranty fits your car’s needs.

2. How long the coverage is available

Most extended car warranties cover your car for between two to seven years. However, if you anticipate keeping your car for longer than that, you can opt for a warranty plan that covers you for a bit longer. If you decide to sell your car before the warranty ends, it can transfer to the next owner.

3. If the warranty is transferrable

You might decide to sell your car at some point, and having transferable warranties usually increases the value of your car. Some providers don’t offer transferable warranties, which is why you must check before you decide to purchase

4. Whether you need an extended warranty

 If you have enough money to cover damages and the risks that come with your car breaking down, then you might not need an extended warranty. However, if you want your mind to be at rest and not worry about how you will fix your car every time it breaks down, then the warranty is perfect for you.

Using your car every day for work or travel means it will require more maintenance. If you live in areas that have harsh weather conditions or are not easily accessible by road, you need to consider a protection plan for your vehicle.

5. The reputation of the warranty providers

 The automobile industry has a lot of scammers who will not give you the kind of services you expect, and you’ll end up not getting value for your money. Please do your research on the providers you opt to use, check their reviews online and be sure to visit their shop physically first since some scammers are online-based. To be sure you can check your service provider on Better Business Bureau.


 When getting an extended car warranty, take your time. Don’t rush. Do your research and remember to read the fine print. An extended warranty is perfect to avoid surprises and auto repair costs. 

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