What to Know About Valve Replacement

Did you know that the average American family goes through a whopping 300 gallons of water every single day?

If you have a new home, then your pipes will most likely last a long time. However, that doesn’t guarantee other issues won’t crop up. For instance, the valves in pipes are sometimes more prone to deterioration than other parts.

Are you wondering what to do if something goes wrong? Keep reading to learn all about valve replacement and who can help you get the job done.

Identify the Valve Type

Put in the simplest terms, a flow valve or water valve can turn on or turn off the flow of water within a pipe. If the valve breaks, then you could have major flooding issues. In this situation, it’s crucial to shut the water off at the source, oftentimes located with the rest of the breakers.

Before you can jump into the replacement, it’s important to identify the type of valve. For example, it could be a compression valve, a sweat valve, or even a threaded valve.

You can quickly identify a compression valve by checking whether or not it has a hexagonal nut. You can spot a threaded valve by the range of flat sides at the point where it meets the supply line. It’ll have anywhere from 2 to 6 flat sides you can count to make sure you know what you’re dealing with.

A sweat valve, however, has no threads and will appear slightly larger than the pipe it’s attached to. You can find high-quality valves at

How to Replace Them

After you’ve invested in the replacement parts, the difficulty of the job will depend on the type of value you’re dealing with. Be sure to shut off the supply line of water before attempting anything.

Don’t forget to turn the threaded valve counter-clockwise so that it can come off. An Allen wrench is one of the best tools for this job. Unfortunately, a sweat valve is the most difficult to replace because it doesn’t come off easily.

Instead of unthreading it, the sweat valve will need to be cut off. Whether you have a sweat valve or a compression valve, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to handle the job on your behalf. That way, you can know that the final product is an improvement rather than a downgrade.

Are You Ready to Get a Valve Replacement?

Now that you’ve learned all about valve replacement, you can take the necessary measures to get it fixed as soon as possible. Once it’s done, you can rest easy knowing the fix will last a long time. If you ever need another replacement, you’ll know exactly what to do.

It’s an unfortunate fact that things can break down in a home all the time. You can learn more about fixing things up by browsing our blog. We cover a variety of topics that might interest you, including real estate, travel, tech, and CBD, among many others.

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