What to Know About Domo Software: Pricing, Features and More

Having the right software is essential when you’re looking to simplify your data management processes. One such software that you can utilize is Domo, a cloud software with multiple uses for your business data needs.

However, before you start integrating Domo, you need to know various aspects of the software. From Domo pricing to features available, here’s all the essential information you need to know:

What Is Domo Software?

Domo software enables you to integrate data from any source and turn that data into live visualizations for better comprehension. When you need to unlock the true potential of your data, using software like Domo can be highly beneficial. 

Domo software enables users to integrate their data into one source and access it from anywhere across the globe. Real-time analytics enable you to read comprehensive reports with visualizations to ensure that you’re not missing out on valuable information. You can also enable intelligent action through automation and various apps available within the software. 

What Is Domo Pricing?

There are two elements to Domo pricing, one is the annual software subscription, and the other is how much it will take to implement it within your organization. The cost of integrating it into your existing applications is a one-time cost that you will have to bear.

The annual software pricing is something you will have to pay every year and plan it in your budget. The pricing depends on which features you end up getting with this SaaS. The number of users, support packages, annual data use, and so on will ultimately determine your final subscription cost. 

Can You Get a Free Trial?

When you are unsure whether Domo is the right fit for your organization, you can consider doing a test run beforehand. While there is no free version of Domo that you can use, you can still look for a free trial before getting the product.

The free trial of Domo can enable you to use most of its features for a limited time. You can contact the company so that they can set up a free trial for you and advise you on the best way to use it, so you don’t have to face any hassle in the future. 

How Can You Benefit From Domo Software?

There are several actions and processes you can perform with Domo software that can benefit your company as a whole. Using software like Domo is crucial when you want to do more with your data. 

Many organizations find it better and more efficient to use the ability to create a custom dashboard and more with Domo. Domo can also create enterprise-class analytics that can enable you to get more out of your data each time you use it. It enables you to analyze and cleanse the data regardless of its source. 

What Features Are Offered?

Depending on your package, you can get various features enabled in your Domo software. Some standard features include:

  • Data integration
  • BI and Analytics
  • Intelligent cloud-based apps
  • ERP
  • Social media integration

When looking for a comprehensive solution for your business data management, you need to invest in the right software. Domo is ideal when you want a scalable solution that can be used for your comprehensive needs and doesn’t require excessive expertise to utilize.

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