What to Do If Charged with a Sex Crime in Chicago?

The consequences of sex crime charges are lifelong, and it can alter your life if you are charged with one. The punishments are harsh, and even if someone has completed their sentence, the social stigma follows them for years. 

Experienced criminal lawyers in Chicago know about the life-altering impact that these cases have on an individual. Therefore, contact an attorney as soon as you are charged with a sex crime.

The Impact of a Chicago Sex Crime Charge

It’s very easy to allege anyone in a sex crime, and unfortunately, some women take advantage of this for their interests. A multi-site study of 2,059 cases of sexual assault says that 7.1 percent of cases were falsely reported.

Joseph Roberts was in college when two students had accused him of sexual harassment. According to documents gathered by ABC News, the school immediately suspended him, and he was declared guilty by everyone just based on accusations. His side of the story was never heard. And, this is just one case. The #MeToo movement was great, but some women took advantage of this to falsely allege their colleagues and co-workers. 

The severe nature of sex crimes also puts a lot of pressure on the police, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies. A famed Chicago lawyer accused of sex assault describes how difficult it is to present your story in public opinion or courts when the standard is to believe all women.  

Sex crime allegations immediately put the suspect in a poor light. And, the public sees them as guilty based on the reports that they read. 

Illinois Sexual Assault Laws

Sexual assault involves any sexual act committed against another person without their consent. It includes sexual acts involving minors, children, the mentally disabled, and anyone else who can’t give consent.

Illinois law describes rape, including statutory rape, as an act of sexual penetration involving the use of force or threat of force. 

Penalties for Sexual Assault in Illinois

The penalties for sexual assault in Chicago, Illinois, may vary contingent on the circumstances involved. As a first-time convict, you can face 4-15 years in prison, treated as a Class 1 felony. Second-time convictions are seen as Class X felonies and can lead to 30-60 years or life imprisonment.

Registration Under Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act

The first thing you can consider after being charged with a sex offense is the possibility of mandatory sex offender registration. It is a standard part of the sentence given in most sex crime cases. It includes registration with the local law enforcement authorities. 

This can put several restrictions on your movement, access to places and hamper your social life and career. Before you are forced to register as a sex offender, you need to speak to a criminal lawyer in Chicago. 

What to Do If Charged with a Sex Crime in Chicago?

If you are accused of a sex crime in Chicago, you must refuse to discuss your case with the prosecutor and assert your right to have an attorney present while you are being questioned. 

Your attorney will advise you on answering their questions and avoid letting out any information that may bring problems for you later at the trial. It’s advisable to seek a good legal representation to fight for your rights and create a strong defense aggressively. 

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