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Finasteride is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for male pattern baldness. It is also considered to be one of the most effective due to clinical trials that have resulted in the tablet working for 90% of men who took a dose of 1-mg of Finasteride daily. It is used to increase hair growth, stimulate hair regeneration, and prevent further hair loss on the scalp. It works by lowering the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT or a 5α-reductase. More than this, Finasteride is also effective in strengthening and protecting your hair. It is advised to be taken for 4 to 6 months for observable results and to continue taking it to maintain its effects.

When taking Finasteride, there are some important thing to consider and to avoid such as:

  1. Pregnant women should not have close contact with finasteride.

Women who are pregnant are strongly advised not to use or even touch broken tablets of Finasteride as it may result in birth defects in male babies.

  1. Minors are not authorized to take finasteride.

Minors or young males being exposed to finasteride may, later on, have abnormalities in their genitals.

  1. Avoid alcohol consumption while under finasteride medication.

Using alcohol while taking Finasteride may cause different interactions to occur depending on one’s health conditions.

  1. Finasteride has interactions with other drugs.

You may want to consult with your doctor first before taking Finasteride, since taking Finasteride may cause an increase in the risk of side effects of the other drugs you are taking.

  1. Watch out for possible side effects.

Although rare, some side effects were found in men to be loss of sexual drive, chills, and more. Consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Do not take more than what your doctor has prescribed.

The prescribed dose for every patient is different so it is best to follow the prescribed dose. For hair loss, finasteride is usually prescribed in 1mg once a day.

  1. Store it in a proper place.

It is very important to keep it out of children’s reach and to always check its expiration date.

 Hair loss is a common struggle among men and women of all ages due to different physical and psychological conditions. One of the most common risk factors is genetics, heredity, and ageing. Male pattern baldness occurs as the thinning of one’s hair on the scalp. It also causes a receding hairline, most times with as balding on the top of the head. Male pattern baldness commonly starts in their 20s for some men and progresses with their increase in age. If one allows it to occur for a long period of time, hair loss may become permanent.

Male pattern baldness or hair loss is known to result from a combination of the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a hormone that can be traced to testosterone. DHT causes hair loss by weakening hair follicles. It can be difficult to regain hair. However, medications like Finasteride can address this problem and work on hair growth, but the most effective way of dealing with male pattern baldness before it becomes permanent is preventing further hair loss by lowering the levels of DHT and blocking its production.

If you have been struggling with hair loss and is considering Finasteride as treatment, make sure to consult your doctor first before anything else. Once prescribed, visit this link for Finasteride

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