What Should You Know Before Rolling a Joint?

Marijuana is a recreational drug that can be enjoyed by smoking. California is the leading state in recreational marijuana sales at $5.6 billion. 

Joints are one of the popular ways to smoke marijuana. But, do you enjoy smoking? If so, you’re probably looking for ways to make the experience more enjoyable. One method to do that is by learning how to roll joint like a pro. 

Here are some of the essentials to enjoy the best smoking experience with joints:

1) Rolling paper

The first thing you need is rolling paper. You can find these at most convenience stores. The papers come in various sizes, so make sure to get one big enough to fit your tobacco or weed.

When you buy rolling papers, here are some things to check for:

a) Material: Rolling papers are made from different materials, like rice, hemp, or flax. Naturally, some people have preferences for certain materials, but it comes down to personal preference. 

Rice is a popular choice because it doesn’t affect the taste of your joint. However, hemp is a good choice if you want a more natural rolling paper. Flax is a good choice if you want to enjoy a slower and cooler burn.

b) Size: The most common size is probably the “king-size,” which is big enough to roll a standard joint. However, you can also find smaller or larger rolling papers depending on how much tobacco or weed you want to use.

c) Shape: The most common shape is probably the rectangular shape. However, rolling papers come in a triangular shape or even a heart-shaped rolling paper.

d) Flavor: Rolling papers come in different flavors as well. The most common flavor is probably the regular flavor. In addition, however, rolling papers come in a mint flavor or even a grape flavor.

2) A Grinder

You must have a grinder because it will make the process of rolling much easier and faster. A grinder will also help to ensure that your joint is rolled evenly. The best-quality ones are made of metal and have multiple chambers.

3) Cannabis Flower or Concentrated Extracts

It is crucial to know what type of cannabis you will be using. The most common is the cannabis flower or bud. However, you can also use concentrated extracts, which are more potent.

4) Something to Light Your Joint With

Lastly, you need something to light your joint with. A standard lighter is fine, but that’s even better if you have a hemp wick or hemp oil. Hemp burns cleaner than regular lighter fluid, so it’s better for your lungs.

If you buy a torch, check for:

-Butane: Butane is a toxic gas that can be harmful to your health.

-Refillable: A good torch will last you a long time, so you don’t need to keep buying new ones.

-Adjustable Flame: It lets you control the size of the flame to use less butane.

-Windproof: A good torch will be windproof so that you can use it in any weather.


Smoking a joint is a personal experience. Once you learn how to roll a joint, take your time, be patient, and enjoy the process. Stay hydrated and take breaks if you feel dizzy or lightheaded.

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