What Is The Ideal Time To Complete The SBI PO Syllabus For Prelims And Mains On Time?

Your preparation time depends upon your previous knowledge and current knowledge. If you are completely new to banking, you should take some professional coaching and prepare with good study material. You can get quality study material and resources prepared by experts at BYJU’s Exam Prep.

If you want to crack SBI PO, you should start preparation at least 6 months before the examination.

This is because the competition in the SBI PO Syllabus is tough for which you need to practice the most. So if you want to stand out and clear the exam, your preparation should be strong.

Preparation Time for SBI PO Exam

Various factors depend on the time taken to prepare for the exams. These are provided below. BYJU’S Exam Prep is one of the best sources from where you can study from. It provides you with the best study materials and resources to study from.

  • How long did it take you to learn the material the first time? (This means working on the material until you have a deep understanding of it.)
  • How much time can you devote to studying each day? (I would strongly recommend setting aside at least 2 hours per day for studying.)
  • How quickly do you adjust to new concepts and ideas? (This is critical if you’re studying for one of the more challenging exams like Series 7 or Series 65.)
  • Are you memorising material or truly learning it? (It’s essential to understand the concepts behind everything being tested, not just memorise answers.)

Tips to Complete SBI PO Syllabus

Here are some tips to help you manage your time while preparing for the SBI PO exam. With these tips, you will cover the complete SBI PO Syllabus in minimal time.

Make a list of important topics

This is the best way to start your preparation for bank exams. You should make a list of important topics and give more time to cover them in detail. It will help you in making a sound preparation for your bank exam. Along with it, you must revise them regularly to remember every single topic without any fail. If you want to secure good marks in your bank exams, you must pay attention to every topic to score well.

Learn More in Less Time

You won’t get anywhere if you’re just reading your textbooks without trying to understand them. Try to understand what you read instead of memorising it because that would be a waste of time. Ask yourself why, how and when, which will force your mind to remember it better.

Practice More

Time management involves effective practice sessions as well. Don’t just focus on one aspect of preparation; do solve sample papers, previous year question papers, read theory, study formulas etc., but in an organised way so that you can complete everything within the stipulated time frame.

Practice speed reading

Reading quickly can be very beneficial for those who are preparing for bank exams as it saves a lot of time. Speed reading does not mean that you read faster; rather, it refers to the practice of reading with better comprehension at a faster pace. You can practice speed reading by trying new techniques such as previewing before reading, skimming, etc.

Although it’s important to set goals when creating your study schedule, be careful not to set unrealistic goals. For example, if you have never studied more than an hour at a time before, it may not be realistic to plan on studying 6 hours every day. Setting realistic goals will help keep your motivation high during the long months of preparation.

BYJU’S Exam Prep is an all-in-one exam preparation app that helps students prepare for competitive exams like SBI PO. The platform will help you prepare for the SBI PO exam with full-length mock tests, sectional tests, topic tests and more. Apart from this, it also provides a detailed performance analysis of the test attempted by you so that you get to know your weak areas and prepare accordingly.

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