What is the Education System Like in Hong Kong?

Education plays an important role in life. Proper and good education schooling is significant for everyone. It encourages quality learning all through life among individuals of all ages gathering, cast, principle, religion, and area. It is the way toward accomplishing information, values, ethics, beliefs, and good tendencies. Proper education is a basic right for everyone to improve the living standard, knowledge, social and economic status.

Moreover,  education helps the person to boost their confidence level in society. The schooling system in Hong Kong is of high caliber. Both public and private schools here are profoundly respected.

Education System in Hong Kong

The schooling system in Hong Kong is publicly supported. Every school has 12 years of education, from primary to senior school for ages 6 through 18. It is free of cost for students going to government-funded schools. Government-funded schools make up most of the schools in Hong Kong. They are either run by the government authority or a charitable or a religious association.

When discussing the Hong Kong school system, note that there is a significant difference between a private school and a public school. The public school has strict rules relating to the studies and demands excellent results from each student at any cost.

Whereas Private school environments are a little less strict and relaxing. They have adopted western style learning. Most parents prefer private school rather than public for this very reason. However, no matter what option you choose, your child will receive a high-quality education with enhancement in moral values.

Facts About Hong Kong Education System

Education in Hong Kong is free, and school is obligatory from ages 6 to 15 for primary and junior optional schools. Children in publicly funded schools in Hong Kong go to primary schools for a very long time. Additionally, it is followed by three years of junior secondary training, and an additional three years of senior optional education.

Invictus International School in Phnom Penh is an independent, co-instructive day school. The school is formally authorized by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. It offers good quality Primary and Secondary level teaching to all students. Students are immersed in a comprehensive network that encourages a sustaining climate in which they develop to their maximum capacity.

International Schools in HongKong

Private international schools are in great demand in Hong Kong. Most of these schools follow British, or American educational plans. However, there are international schools that show a public education plan in their local language as well.

A few expenses may appear to be high, different things are regularly included inside the school charges. For example, innovation, books, and homework materials. It is important to check with your forthcoming schools to discover more about the likely expenses and all the extra hidden expenses.

Extra expenses can incorporate a nonrefundable application charge. A booking charge that could be up to half of the yearly educational cost, and yearly capital duty. Hong Kong schools certainly place an excess of significance on academics. It is significant for schools to look for harmony between test results and creating extracurricular exercises.


The variety of international schools give students a key understanding of different societies, religions, and ways of life. With this continuous introduction, school students become additionally tolerating and compassionate people.

International schools have all the previously mentioned astounding highlights. Students can learn great things every day and their minds evolve beautifully.  Each school plans to develop an extraordinary social environment, passionate learning desire, scholarly, and actual advancement in their students. Hence, make sure to determine all your preferences and then choose accordingly.

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