What Is the Correct CBD Oil Dosage for Cats?

Are you a cat owner who wants the best for your feline friend? Did you know that 42.7% of households in the U.S. own a cat? 

Are you wondering about CBD, but not sure if it’s safe for cats, or how much to give them? In this article, explore CBD oil dosage for cats. Read on to explore all about why so many are choosing this treatment for their pet, and how it can potentially help yours as well. 

What Is CBD Oil? 

You’ve probably heard CBD oil being the new buzzword that so many use, but you might wonder, is it safe for cats and others? CBD comes from the cannabis plant. Before purchasing it, it’s a good idea to check legalities in your state. 

Many think of THC as the main compound in cannabis, but it has a mind-altering effect. CBD isn’t THC, and doesn’t act in the same way. 

Is CBD for Cats Safe?

Are you wondering where to find CBD for cat anxiety? You can either find it online or in certain local pet supply stores. 

Some experts say that it’s safe for cats, while others aren’t sure. If you’re not sure it’s right for your cat, speak with your vet.

Keep in mind, that there can be some effects from giving your cat CBD. For example, some might experience sedation or gastrointestinal problems. If your cat experiences any of these, contact your vet immediately.

CBD Dosage for Cats

Always check dosage guides created by vets before beginning. When calculating CBD dosage for cats, you’ll want to start small before working your way up. Begin with 0.2 mg twice daily, and see how your cat responds.

You can increase it to 0.5 mg twice daily if you see no changes. Cats who are 10 lbs or heavier can do up to 1 mg twice daily. 

If you’re just looking for anxiety relief or inflammation pain, you can use 0.25 mg. Stronger doses are 0.5 mg, which are for arthritis, chronic pain, and inflammation. It can also help with any mobility issues. 

How Does CBD Work? 

CBD works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in your body. Your body has CB2 and CB1 receptors. 

You can find CB2 receptors in your immune system. This affects pain and inflammation. 

CB1 receptors can be found throughout your body and in the brain. They’re in charge of appetite, memories, mood, thinking, pain, and emotion. CBD causes the body to produce cannabinoids. 

Potential Benefits

One study determines that CBD oil can help with allergies, cancer, nausea, migraines, sleep disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also help with multiple sclerosis, lung conditions, and Parkinson’s disease. 

How Can I Give My Cat CBD Oil?

One of the best options is to give it to them directly from the droplet. Place it in front of their face, and see if they’ll lick the dropper. 

If they don’t like the taste of it, you can place it into their cat food. First, measure the correct CBD dosage, and then place it evenly into your cat’s food.

It works for both dry and wet food. Mix it after you place it in. 

CBD Treats

Another option is to give them CBD cat treats. You can find plenty of options online, just take a look at the ingredients first before purchasing them. 

Placing It on the Paw

If your cat refuses all other options for taking CBD oil, you can place it on their paw, and they’ll lick it off. This is a messy and wasteful option since it can drip off of their paw. 

Put a drop of it on their paw, and watch as they lick it off. Cats are known to be groomers and won’t want anything on their fur. Keep in mind that your cat might run off with it on their paw, and spread it all over your house. 

Why Use CBD Oil for Cats?

Many use CBD oil for cats’ anxiety but others use it for stress, pancreatitis, asthma, seizures, loss of appetite, and numerous other reasons. Your cat has an endocannabinoid system just as you do. 

Neurotransmitters are responsible for triggering a signal to the connecting neurons, and to make it easier for other cells in your body to work. Other types are serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, histamine, and oxycontin. 

What About Research?

There isn’t much research for CBD on cats. Most of the research that’s done is for dogs and humans. There are many vets who back up the support of it. 

Signs of Anxiety in Cats

Do you notice that your cat meows often? How about, are they hiding often? If you find they’re not using the cat litter, that can be a sign of anxiety. 

If you notice anxiety in your cat, you can try other methods as well such as playing classical music for them. Also, let natural light in, and make sure it’s possible for them to look outside. 

Don’t ever hold or pet them when they’re not interested at the moment. Let them run off and give them space. 

Play with different toys with them that they enjoy. Make sure that they have plenty of options as far as hiding goes. 

Exploring CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

Now that you’ve explored CBD oil dosage for cats, you should have a better idea of which dosage will work best for your cat. Would you like to read more lifestyle topics? For everything from lifestyle to business, check out our other articles today. 

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