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What Is The Consistency Of Brand Marketing And Why Is It Important?

In today’s Brand Marketing, there are many points of contact between companies and consumers to market their brand. And many companies realize that if it is to continue to succeed, it is necessary to constantly present its image on various means of communication, whether digital or tangible.

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Although this concept is widespread, many brands fail to do their job when it comes to the nature of the marketing and advertising market today. This week, we will highlight the concept of brand consistency and explain the importance of this concept and why it should be at the forefront of the company’s marketing strategy across multiple channels.

What is the consistency of brand marketing?

Before we get into consistency strategies in brand marketing, a good understanding of this concept is essential:

Brand Identity

The brand identity includes everything that makes the company unique and different. This includes, but is not limited to, the company’s vision, goal, logo, colours, and businesses, in addition to many other elements that make up the brand identity.

Trademark Rules

Trademark rules, on the other hand, are the set of laws that company employees follow to understand how the company does their employees and why. For example, some branding rules might be that a company logo can be used on certain backgrounds or that it should only be used in a specific size and specific in ads.

At the heart of the matter is the consistency of the brand indicating that the company’s marketing plans go in line with the corporate identity and whether the marketing side respects these rules and laws that were established to suit the brand in the first place.

Consider the 4 essentials of brand consistency

Brand consistency is a knotting process that follows a certain method, especially when it comes to marketing across multiple channels. To ensure the trademark follows the chosen rules, these elements must be taken into account:

Number of posts

On the media, the number of times a publication can be a key element in the success or failure of your online presence. Even some of the best accounts on social media may fail to do this. It is important to define and adhere to a specific schedule for publication (for example, three posts per day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening). If you want to change the number of posts, you can refer to the statistics related to your account and this change is based on data and not random.

– Logo + watermark

These design elements play a major role in the successful marketing of your brand on various media. As a general rule, all images that you post must be equipped with a watermark or logo feature that will help consumers know that this content belongs to you. In addition to helping to improve the brand’s reputation, this strategy can also help keep your content from being stolen.

The visual identity

Speaking of images, you have to make sure that the content you provide is unique, and try to avoid using duplicate images that are circulating on the Internet. When it comes to establishing a clear identity for the brand, it is better to photograph your photos yourself for two main reasons: First, the followers will get to know the pictures that you use as exclusive brand images, and secondly, this enables you to fully control the visual marketing method of your company, which enables you to present the identity that You want the brand exactly as you want it.

Consistent language and common name. A specific publication schedule must be defined (for example, three posts per day, once in

The name of your company must appear on the same name on various means of communication, without any exceptions. And if you want to use a colloquial term, or make a specific change, this change must be made on various means of communication. The company’s name is the most important thing that represents a brand’s identity and should only be modified if necessary with these matters in mind.


Building a clear brand identity isn’t easy, especially when it comes to marketing across multiple channels. But by applying the above strategies, you are taking the first and important step in ensuring that your brand is unified and consistent across different platforms.

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