What is Mailmark?

Mailmark comes as a revolution for businesses using conventional franking services. Technology comes a much-needed way for businesses to save extensive costs every year. In this case, Mailmark delivers much faster and more efficient services.
But this still raises a question about what Mailmark franking is all about. What types of services does Mailmark offer? And more prominently, how can your business use Mailmark to its advantage? 
Continue reading to put all your queries to rest once and for all.

What Exactly is Mailmark Franking?
Mailmark franking comes as an enhancement of the conventional franking mail method. This next generation of franking machines strives to provide you with postages at affordable prices. The machine leverages a 2D barcode in the address area that features the account number and other sender details. 
The process makes it much easier for the machine to read the information much more efficiently. It came as a better alternative to the conventional way, where the machine had to read from a printed account number. Additionally, this advancement from Mailmark helps facilitate faster billing, enhance accuracy, and drive efficiency. 
As a result, one can enjoy lower postage costs for businesses that use Mailmark. It is also helping incentivise and encourage 5the commercial sector to hasten their shift to Mailmark franking. 

What Are Mailmark Tracking Services?
One can also define Mailmark as the ability to track every item through the delivery network of Royal Mail. This is carried out with a 2D barcode applied by the sender. But Mailmark tracking services are something different. 
Accessing Mailmark tracking services requires you to add the barcode address of the recipient as well. Similar to Mailmark franking, this allows the machines of Royal Mail to sort and process all items with information available in the barcode. 
As a result, one can experience greater efficiency compared to the sorting machine attempting to read the printed or handwritten addresses and postcodes. This also brings down the margin of error to a great extent. 
However, your business needs access to the software that generates barcodes. This is important for reaping the benefits of Mailmark. Apart from that, one will have to post their mail and ensure the addresses match the ones in the Royal Mail address file. 
Hence, Mailmark is an ideal choice for businesses processing thousands of letters each year. 

Business Benefits Of Mailmark
No matter the size of your organisation, every business can benefit from the use of Mailmark technology. These advantages can help you scale your business and drive augmented growth with minimal effort. Some of the most prevalent benefits include:
●    Cost Efficiency: Royal Mail assures that Mailmark will have the most affordable tariffs across all the channels used to frank. 

●    Per Pay Reply: Got any sensitive documents you need to return? Mailmark understands your requirements enabling you to carry out a date-less prepaid franchise. This allows your customers to return the documents without any additional cost. As a result, this surges the response rate for your business. 

●    LAN Connectivity: Recent advancements brought in by Mailmark allow seamless LAN connection that makes way for faster and quicker connection through the franking machine. As a result, businesses can save on both time and cost associated with the use of a line rental. 

●    Online Mail Reports: All the data transferred from the information available within the barcode is very important. This allows Mailmark to track how your business manages its posts and other costs associated with postages through the InView account. 

●    Automated Update Of Postages: Mailmark allows the franking machine to update all prices whenever there are any changes in the prices of postages.

●    Professional Image: One of the most significant upsides of using the barcode is a veal cut finishing to your frank. Compared to the conventional approach, this is much better as it gives your business a professional appeal. Further, this helps boost credibility among stakeholders. 

How Can Mailmark Help Your Business?
The current business world is driven by technology. So businesses that fail to keep up with technological advancements will suffer the consequences. But using the Mailmark technology can yield many significant and tangible benefits for your business. 
Mailmark ensures the best lowest tariffs for all businesses using its franking machine. Additionally, automated updates of tariffs ensure customers pay the appropriate amount for postages. This eliminates the chances of people getting penalised with any added surcharges. 
Besides that, the tracking capabilities of the Mailmark are also worth all appreciation. This eliminates all the hassle of postages getting delayed or lost in the process. You can track your consignments in real-time to ensure an efficient delivery without any hassle whatsoever.
Mailmark also provides businesses access to online reports. These reports have all the information about the return rates, delivery performance, and even non-delivery. Businesses can use such information to curate an ideal mail strategy for businesses looking to enhance efficiency and minimise wastage. 

Is It Mandatory To Shift To The Mailmark?
According to the Royal Mail, 1st January of 2023 is the deadline for businesses to move to Mailmark technology. This means every business with franking requirements will now have to use the Mailmark franking machine. This transformation is necessary as all Royal Mail products will now use barcode technology for better efficiency and accuracy.  In Conclusion
Technology is transforming almost every aspect of operating a business, and franking is no exception. However, this is a good thing because it also opens a window of opportunities for your business to modernise your organisation and drive amplified growth with the advanced capabilities of Mailmark technology. This will help you deliver a much better customer experience and noticeably enhance the cost efficiency of the processes.

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