What games can I play offline?

If you thought that the big world of the Internet has covered everything, then think again. There are areas that are still untouched. So, if you and your Android device meet the same fate, then don’t consider and get under the perception that you are cut from the world. Yes, the solution lies towards presenting you with the best offline Android games. So, check them below:-

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

The game is all about saving humanity. This action packed sequence of events from Rayark unfolds where the onus is on you to stop bad deeds from a plaque of alien mutants. The first six levels of the game are free to be played and you need a one-time IAP for unlocking the whole game. There are so many interesting tales which keep on unfolding right through the game that it is going to keep you busy for hours and you are like “Wow”. 

The levels have a time period of roughly 5-10 mins. If you spend $9.99 for a full game, then this is the moment where you can unlock other characters too.

  • 1.2.12 is the App version
  • It is compatible with Android 4.0 and up
  • It is priced at $9.99

Which game is the best offline game?

Talking about series of games Kingdom: New Lands is another one

Kingdom: New Lands is about a monarch who is set to explore new areas to build his empire right from scratch. One of the utter wild and different absorbing things of the story lies where the monarch drops coins on random peasants. The game play is interesting as one moves from different areas to collect them and then take decisions of where to spend them. 

  • 1.28 is the App version
  • It is compatible with Android 5.0 and up
  • It is prices at $9.99


Crashlands offers another plot which is based on a mission to defeat your enemies. This is done through a strategy to firstly build a base on a dangerous planet and as the work is done, the protagonist is going to get back to space. 

  • 1.2.16 is the App Version
  • Android 2.3 or higher is the compatibility
  • $6.99 is the price

What games can I play offline?

Continuing with the series of games which I am mentioning, here is Tank Hero: Laser Wars

The game is unique with respect to how much fun and frolic it creates in the hearts and minds of people. Equally, it has awesome graphics to take your breath away literally. It is completely free and just takes 22MB of space, so your Smartphone doesn’t have to face issues of hanging etc.


Limbo is a 2D platform game which centers on a young boy who is in search of his sister and in the process of moving here and there, he has entered a lonely monochromatic world.  The story keeps you absorbed and you are rightly involved into the game so much, that you literally forget that you are actually witnessing the game offline. 

  • 1.16 is the App version
  • It is compatible with Android 4.4 and higher
  • $4.99 is the price
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