What Does a Steel Detailer Do?

Steel Detailing is the process of producing detailed drawings for erectors and fabricators of steel structures. This person prepares detailed plans and drawings for steel members used in construction projects, such as buildings and bridges. A steel detailer works closely with erectors and fabricators to ensure that they create a final product that meets all design and construction requirements. This is an exciting career opportunity for someone who is passionate about utilizing the latest technology and methods to create beautiful structures.

Once hired, a steel detailer will work under the direction of an experienced project manager. They ensure that the project goes smoothly and that all details are adhered to, including budget and deadline. A good project manager will filter all client information to the team and make sure everything goes according to plan. A steel detailer maintains the highest standards of quality. They are also responsible for keeping a project moving along on schedule and within budget. Listed below are some common responsibilities of a steel detailer.

Steel detailing drawings show the overall configuration of steel components. They include details on sizes, orientation, and connections. Steel detail drawings also show how different parts of the structure interact with each other. Detailed shop drawings can be created using computer-aided drafting software, such as SDS/2 or Tekla Structures. CAD software helps steel detailers prepare accurate drawings without a design drafter. Steel detail drawings are also essential for safety and fireproofing purposes. You should get BIM services for your company.

Those interested in this career should complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering or architecture from a recognized university. Many universities offer degree and diploma programs for the purpose of detailing. A steel detailer may choose to pursue a degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or any other four-year bachelor’s degree, such as B.Arch or B.Tech. If you’re pursuing an internship in the industry, a bachelor’s degree in the engineering field will enhance your chances of landing a post as a steel detailer.

Steel Detailing is an integral part of structural engineering and requires near-99% accuracy. Even a small error can be detrimental, and cost both time and money. It’s the first step towards quality building structures and products. Get in touch with Dowco to get Steel Detailing Services. And because steel detailing connects all of the stakeholders involved in the construction process, it’s an essential communication link between the various disciplines. If you’re looking to learn more about the process, consider checking out our infographic on the importance of steel detailing in the construction industry.

Steel detailing is the process of creating detailed plans for the construction of structures made of steel. These drawings detail the framing of buildings, homes, bridges, and outdoor structures. While many steel detailing jobs are performed by drafters, some are completed by engineers or architects. And some are even handled by steel fabricators themselves. Regardless of the type of steel detailing, the main task of this discipline is to ensure that the building construction process is executed correctly and efficiently.

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