What Does a Personal Injury Case Manager Do?

So you just got hurt. Happens to all of us. Now that your personal injury case’s underway, you’ve probably heard about a personal injury case manager.

Wouldn’t you like to know what they do? For a complete guide to how they’ll help you win your personal injury settlement, keep reading.

The Unheralded Personal Injury Case Manager

These case managers work directly under a lawyer. A firm can have a case manager for every attorney.

After a law firm’s new client completes an intake, the case manager puts them through a client sign-up. This enables the firm to get the client’s insurance card, driver’s license, accident report, insurance information, photos, and any other information that the client has to support their case.

At a sign-up, the case manager will also have the client read all relevant legal representation documents. The client should then sign all paperwork to retain representation. That also teaches the client how they would go about seeking medical treatment.

At this point, the case manager hands the client off to the lawyer.

As the case progresses, the case manager is always there to answer questions and receive updates. They’ll be sure to report updates to the client’s file.

While the client undergoes their all-important medical treatment, the case manager collects their medical records, lost wages, and bills. They’ll keep them in their file.

When the client reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI), it’s time to submit a demand to the insurance company. Under the attorney’s direction and supervision, the case manager prepares a request that the insurance company pays a certain amount of money to the client. That amount – which is determined by policy limits available and the medical expenses – is meant to compensate the client for their suffering, pain, and injuries.

More Case Management

Once the insurance company accepts the demand, it mails a check to the firm. The case manager then meets with the client to sign the check, release form, and closing documents. They will close out your file by shredding or storing documents related to your case. 

If the insurance company doesn’t accept the demand, the client meets with the attorney to discuss litigation options. The case may then move from the case manager’s hands to those of the litigation paralegal.

Generally speaking, case managers do a lot of work. In fact, case managers with no legal background or educational training do the lion’s share of the work at a personal injury law firm

The Real MVP

“You the real MVP,” NBA superstar Kevin Durant said to his mom in his acceptance speech for the 2013-14 NBA MVP award. The personal injury case manager is a law firm’s real MVP, no?

Why yes they are. They do so much work but receive less recognition than their more glamorous lawyer counterparts. Case managers are there to help you enormously with your current or next personal injury case.

And the Lifestyle section of the site’s here to help answer any other questions you may have about the professionals in your life. 

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