What can help your business during the world pandemic?

The worldwide lockdown, during the pandemic, affected every country and most companies. Many small and medium businesses were brought to the edge of existence. Even in Canada, millions of people have lost their jobs. For most people, it has become safer and easier to order everything online. Therefore, most offline firms must transform into online business to survive.

6 Ways To Protect Your Business During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Why is it important to have a website?

With all the social restrictions and rules, most customers are either too bound to their homes or go shopping just for the most important goods. Businesses like groceries or any essential face-to-face services may still be beneficial even with all government restrictions. However, all of the offline businesses are extremely vulnerable these days. There is no certainty about what comes next in a week or a month. It is very important to start a digital transformation for such businesses to continue being successful. 

The first benefit of having a website is that you can still be competitive. You can provide your services or goods to even more people than usual. Doing everything online could have a lower cost of operating and no time limits. So, it would be much easier for you to control the performance of employees and monitor all of the orders. The online business itself can be a source for sharing and developing your brand. 

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How to start an online business?

If you are considering having a website, there are some basic steps for transforming your business into an online business:

  1. You need to buy a domain name. It can have the same name as your business, which will be easier for you. There are many platforms where you can buy a domain for a low price.
  1. Starting a website. It is very important to know your goal and plans before you start creating a website. There are different platforms and software, so you need to know which tools are the most suitable for your business. You must make it as simple, accessible, and convenient as possible. If you have some worries about launching a website, there are other options for web development like creating an online shop, making mobile applications, or web portals. For small and medium businesses, the most efficient and easiest way to digitalize is eCommerce. Moreover, you can use social media or other platforms to test online business mechanism. However, social media tools work differently and require additional knowledge.
Data, like oxygen, matters to life - Voice of Nigeria
  1. Work on website design, logo, links, tools, and features. Consider what options you would want to have for your customers.
  1. Decide what exactly you want to sell or propose. You should analyze which your products are top-sellers and suit for online shopping.
  1. Run your online business legally. Apply for DBA license and EIN, so you can pay taxes, and consider ways of protecting your customers’ data privacy. If your website has payment options, data protection will be necessary.

What online businesses and ideas are popular now? What will happen in 2020?

Online shopping will not end after the pandemic. Everything has changed already, and even when a pandemic will be over, people will have habits to buy everything online. During quarantine, some businesses found a way how to benefit from online business ideas. The most popular service during quarantine is box subscriptions and delivery businesses, which deliver any goods and entertainment directly to people. 

Many specialists such as IT consultants, therapists, personal trainers, and many others started proposing their services online. Most of the educational platforms are also using video chats and websites to keep doing business online. So, if you have similar businesses or ideas, it will be also easy to start doing it online.

ZOOM and food deliveries never were that much popular before the COVID-19 until companies started offering their services online. The main point is that there are many tools for saving your business, such as eCommerce, starting a website, online web platform, or applications. It is proved by market researchers that businesses that are using web development tools benefit more than the ones still operating offline.

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