What are the Top WooCommerce plugins and their functions

Many e-commerce businesses are launching in the market every day and the competition is increasing. Launching online stores are becoming easier and affordable for owners in the digital world. If you are thinking of building or improving an e-commerce store then you might need a lot of effort. WooCommerce plugins can help you in setting up essential features for the store and boost the performance of the platform. 

Let us look at some top WooCommerce Extensions and plugins:  

WooCommerce Zoho CRM Integration 


Bring two strong platforms together can improve efficiency and remove manual tasks for the developers. Benefits of integrating WooCommerce Zoho are:

  • Orders are automatically accepted from the website as a sales order in the Zoho inventory
  • Real-time updates 
  • Sending notifications through email or text about the orders
  • Any update in the stocks are automatically updated in WooCommerce
  • Send invoices regarding payments can be automated for the customers 

Some features of WooCommerce Zoho CRM are:

  • Duplicate record updates
  • Manual Synchronization
  • Immediate automatic synchronization
  • View the sync report
  • Display data in a proper grid
  • Existing data sync

WooCommerce Multi-Currency

A fully-functional online store that targets customers around the globe can be a great alternative. Some of the best features of this extension are:

  • In the admin panel, you can enable or disable the payment gateway option for various currencies. 
  • Customers can get the option to select their currency
  • There are automatic or manual options to set the currency rate 
  • If you add the license code you will receive automatic update and support for the latest features
  • It has well-documentation and video support which makes it easy to use.

Advantages of integrating this plugin in the WooCommerce store:

Improve Customer Experience

If your platform supports local currency it easily attracts more customers and improves their experience with your store Display data. It enables the customer to select their preferred currency while completing their purchase. 


It is fully automatic and customers can choose their currency and view product rates. They don’t need any conversion tables or tools for conversion.

Expand the business

When you add a WooCommerce currency switcher in your e-commerce store it increases your target audience around the globe.

Professional Store Management 

The owner will have complete control of the currency displayed in the store and manage the aspects of multi-currency plugins. You can set a custom exchange rate or create currency for offering better flexibility to the customers. 

WooCommerce Product Slider

This plugin displays your products cleanly and professionally to the customers. It allows you to create an attractive product slider on the website which can increase sales and conversion rates. You can uses sliders in the pages, custom templates, posts, and widgets.

Key features of this plugin are:

  • Responsive in different devices
  • Ready-To-Use themes
  • Set the maximum number of products in the slider
  • Change name, font size, hover color, and color
  • Show product ratings
  • Translation ready
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce plugins
  • SEO friendly
  • Supports all browsers

Benefits of using WooCommerce Product Slider:

  • It gives control over categories and how you want to display them
  • Multiple options to order the categories and child categories
  • Option to hide or display category description and use custom texts
  • It has the choice to change the language into the local language with a click. 
  • Supports RTL where languages are written from Right-To-Left

WooCommerce Multilingual

Whether it is a small scale or large scale business at some point they target to grow their business on a global level and for that, they need to interact in multiple languages. You might face losses if you fail to express your services and products in the national space. The WooCommerce multilingual plugin can help in various ways:

Increase potential buyers

Translating the content of your e-commerce store for online sales into several languages can attract new customers by using their native language.

Improve sales

By providing the data in various languages can increase your conversion rate as you can target an audience globally. 

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

It is also considered a competitive advantage as it enables you to interact with the customers directly in their native language. 

Reach Top ranks in Search Engines

Build a global strategy to engage customers around the world through their native language support.  The SERPs will improve if you have the right approach to gain organic traffic on your store.   

WooCommerce Product Import and Export Extension

Handling the product and services database is a challenging task as you need to record so many products being sold. It includes information related to product images, metadata, keywords, and reviews that should be saved before exporting data. 

Features of this extension are:

  • Update the product that already exists in the store while importing
  • Import and Export product attributes seamlessly
  • Supports multiple attribute sets
  • All types of Catalog input are supported in the extension 

Benefits of using this extension are:

  • Saves time during bulk products import or export
  • Update the existing attribute data by importing the CSV file
  • The extension can easily convert data into a CSV file 
  • Files can be imported from the older version to the new version of the website
  • Product attributes are sorted in short duration

We have shared with you the top WooCommerce plugins that are integrated into your e-commerce store to generate leads and improve conversion rates.

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