What Are The Smartest Solutions When It Comes To Storing Your Valuables?

When it comes to storing your valuables, you need to make sure that the methods that you select ensure your valuables’ complete and total protection. Failing to protect your valuables could result in them becoming damaged or stolen. Since your valuables are likely the most expensive things that you own, any losses or damages could cost you a lot of money.

So, what are the smartest solutions when it comes to storing your valuables (and how can you ensure that they are going to be safely looked after)? This post will tell you exactly how:

Safety Deposit Box

A safety deposit box is a good way of storing precious metals, jewellery, bonds, or cash. However, despite the security that’s offered by banks and financial institutions that offer safety deposit boxes, accessibility can be an issue. According to an article giving advice on how to store silver coins, when you store your valuables in a bank’s safety deposit box, you can only access them during the bank’s opening hours. This complicates things because it limits the amount of access that you have to your precious items.

Buying a Safe

A safe is a great investment if you want to store your valuables at home. A lot of people are choosing to store their precious items at home nowadays because they feel like it’s more secure there. The problem with storing your items at home is that if an opportunistic burglar breaks into your home when you aren’t there, then they could make off with all of your things. A safe should be placed somewhere that’s out of sight and undetectable, like under your floorboards. Make sure that the safe that you buy is heavy-duty and not easily cracked. Screwing it down will help, also.

Storage Locker

A storage locker is a much larger version of a safety deposit box, except there’s a lot less protection. Most storage lockers are in large developments, which can be accessed at any time of the day or night. The upside to storage lockers is that storage developments often have around-the-clock security, who will look after and monitor your unit, ensuring that nobody is able to access it without your permission. It’s also possible to put your belongings inside an indoor storage facility, which does confer better security, and is available around-the-clock, also.

Avoid Humidity

Moving away from methods of storage, it’s important to ensure that if you are storing items made from natural materials or fabrics, you avoid humidity. Humidity can destroy all of your belongings if you aren’t careful. Many experts recommend investing in a humidity control device, which you can use to monitor and control the humidity in your storage area. If you are going to be using a storage locker that’s located on a development, then you may not have a plug socket to run your dehumidified from, in which case you should try to invest in a battery or solar-powered humidity control device.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is also important. If the weather’s too cold then your items could freeze, but if it’s too hot then they could degrade due to the heat. Temperature and humidity control are especially important for natural materials, like rugs made from wool. For metals, you do not need to monitor either of these things. When you store your items in a safety deposit box in a bank, humidity and temperature are controlled by them, so you don’t have to worry about it, which means that you can store paperwork in your safety deposit box, also.

Buying Insurance

If you care about your belongings, then you should take out an insurance policy. If you are going to get insurance for your valuables, then you should be aware that most companies will expect you to have arranged robust and secure storage for your items. If your items are not stored somewhere safely, then an insurance company won’t want to give you a policy because you aren’t going to lengths to protect your own items. Most insurance companies will expect you to put your items inside a safety deposit box if you are going to get a policy on them.

Hiding Location

If you are going to hide things in your house, then you need to make sure that you have a good hiding location. Failing to find somewhere safe to store your precious items could result in them being taken or stolen. If you do store your items in a storage locker or security deposit box, make sure that you don’t tell anyone about them. People can be vindictive, even those close to us. All it takes is one argument for a person to do something spiteful, not to mention the world’s full of criminals and thieves. Keep the location of your precious items a secret.

Backup Key

Whenever you are storing items in a storage locker, security deposit box, or a safe, you need to make sure that you invest in a backup key. If you don’t get a backup key then you may have to get professional help in order to get into your storage unit. If you lose a key for your safe then getting in will be very difficult. If you lose a key to your storage locker or security deposit box, then you can contact the bank or company and ask them to let you in or give you a new key, which they will do for a small fee.

Careful Packaging

Whenever you are storing items anywhere, you need to make sure that you package them carefully. If you do not carefully package items, then they could become damaged. You should always ensure that wherever you put items is safe and free from hazards, too. Make sure there are no heavy objects on top of them and that they are stored in a way so that they won’t fall over. If they are very delicate items, then store them in a box that has bubble wrap inside.

Storing precious items can be very stressful. If you lose your items you could lose a lot of money, which could negatively impact your life. If you follow this post’s guidance then storing your items will be easier than ever, so be sure to consider each point and suggestion carefully. 

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