What are the real life learnings from multi player online games?

Video games are a form of entertainment that have been used by people of all ages. For a very long time video games were associated with unproductivity, violence, immaturity and addiction. However, this narrative has been slowly changing and video games are now being used for reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. They are also being used as a medium for interaction with the community and for developing some important life skills.Here’s what you can learn from playing online video games.

Co ordination

To play any type of video game a person needs to learn hand eye coordination.To play and excel at a basic video game you need to synchronize your hand and eye movement so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the screen to operate the keyboard or joystick. This hand eye coordination is vital even in real life and strengthening this skill will help you adequately perform day to day activities such as driving, playing a sport and singing while playing a musical instrument.


Video games are an excellent way to learn the virtue of patience and perseverance. Most games require you to undergo a tough grinding process repeatedly in order to become stronger. The role playing games encourage the repetitive fights in order to level up which requires patience as well as persistence. Boosting services such as new world boosts are important to know the tactics while you play with a professional player and you learn some important skills from them.

Strategic Planning

One of the major reasons why online games and puzzle games are so popular among the crowd is because they stimulate the brain to think in creative ways. And when this creative thinking and strategic planning helps in fetching rewards, the feeling of satisfaction is immense. The stimulation of strategic planning and thinking as a result of playing video games is a valuable life skill that will help you in planning the little things in life. For example, planning ahead for you wedding next year, planning your career path or planning how to overcome a difficult situation that you’re facing.

Mental development

The brain requires constant stimulation for development and certain games are designed to tickle your brain in order to improve its function. Playing these games can make you better at mental math, increase concentration and enable you to think outside the box. Several multiplayer online games require you to exercise memory and observe your surroundings in order to get an upper hand at the game. These attributes can be an advantage in academics and life in general.

Empathy Game developers are trying to incorporate emotional elements in their games in order to build more connect between the game and the player. Most of the roleplaying games online require you to become a character in order to play the game. As a result, the player start relating to the character and experience situations that develop a sense of sympathy and empathy in the player.Empathy is important in life , especially when you deal with people and relationships.

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