What Are The Different Types of Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

Recruitments agencies In Pakistan help job seekers to find out the job according to their education, skills, and interest. These agencies charge a fee for providing their services. Most of the agencies get their required fee from their client when the candidate is hired. While some of the recruitment agencies work on a commission basis. They charge the candidate too when they got their dream job.

There are various types of Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. 

Before getting connected with any of the recruitment agency you should have complete knowledge about the types of recruitment agencies.

Various Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan:

Let’s have a look at the following detailed discussion about the types of Recruitment agencies working in Pakistan:

  1. Temp Agency:

Temp Agencies hire candidates on a temporary basis. These agencies are also called staffing agencies. They provide the candidates to the companies for a short period. They fill the positions in the company that are temporarily vacant. 

Temporary vacancies may arise due to an increase in the seasonal business or any employee left the company temporarily like for example long sick leaves, maternity leaves. Sometimes the temporary staff is hired for some particular projects.

Hourly rate is paid to the temp agencies when the candidate is hired. Wages and other benefits are paid to the hired candidates by temp agencies.

There are chances for the candidate to get hired permanently if he is working hard and the company is satisfied with his services.

  1. Niche Recruiting Agency:

Niche recruiting agencies hire candidates who are skilled and have specialization in the specific field. Such type of agencies is responsible to hire skilful and expert persons who match the criteria of the client. They also provide assistance to job seekers in improving their CVs.

Electronic recruitment agencies and digital marketing recruitment agencies are the best examples of niche recruiting agencies.

  1. Contingency Based Recruitment Agency :

These are the traditional and common recruiting agencies. These agencies refer candidates to their clients by matching the qualification and skills with the job description. Another name for this type of agency is an employment agency.

Usually, these agencies deal in administrative jobs. Some of these agencies demand a flat fee from their clients when the candidate serves the period of probation. While some charge a fixed percentage from the candidate’s first salary.

  1. Executive Search Agency:

Executives search recruitment agencies are responsible to hire candidates for top positions in the industry. Such agencies charge a high amount fee. A part of this amount is paid in advance and it is non-refundable. 

They demand an advance fee to conduct a retained search to fill out the vacant position. When the client’s company hires the candidate executive agencies to demand the remaining amount. These agencies are also known as retained search agencies. With the help of Manpower Recruitment Services, it becomes quite easier to hire the right person for the right job at the right place. Many companies consult with the Manpower Recruitment Agencies to get skilled candidates for the development of their business. The priority of the recruitment agencies is to provide a good workforce for the progress of the business.

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