What Are The Best Physiotherapy Exercises To Strengthen Legs And Knees

Legs and knees bear all the weight of our bodies. This statement is applicable in every literal sense possible. Any damage to them can disrupt the functioning of an entire body.

The reasons can be natural or normal wear & tear due to their excessive usage. The natural causes are often related to the age of a person. They include infections and arthritis, to name a few.

Wear & tear occurs primarily among the sports community. A sportsperson is involved in activities that require him or her to jump, run, or stretch almost every day. This causes injuries or other damages to the legs and knees.

Best Physiotherapy Exercises

Whether natural or normal wear & tear, the fact is that it cannot be avoided. However, it can be prevented and probably delayed by a huge timeline. Here are a few physiotherapy exercises that will help.


Many knee pain relief products are effective once they are consumed. It is better to not rely on them though.

Squats are of three types or can be done in three different ways rather. The first way involves sit-ups. Stand strong and keep your legs at a distance of roughly 1 foot. Hold your hands and bend your knees to go downwards. Keep your back straight and return to the normal position. Make a set of 2 with 15 sit-ups in each set.

The second type involves taking the support of a wall. Tale the support of a wall and keep your legs apart from each other at nearly a distance of half feet. Bend your knees to go downwards with the continuous support of the wall. Remain at that position for around 10 seconds and then stand while taking the support of the wall.

You may replace the wall with a huge ball and that would make the third type of squat.

Step Bench

A step bench is an alternative to the stairs. On the contract, it can be carried anywhere and used to perform the exercise.

It can be used to perform two types of exercises. You are free to choose either or both of them depending on your health condition.

Place a bench with a maximum height of half feet on the floor. Stand straight and then place one foot on the bench in a manner similar to climbing the stairs. Then lift the second leg and place it on the bench. Bring the first foot down and follow it by the second foot. Repeat this for a while. You may make a set of 3 with 15 seconds fixed for each set. Ensure that the bench is strong and steady. Avoid using a slippery floor.

The other way to use a bench is to place one step on the bench and then lifting it to touch the knee with your hand. Your body must be straight. A single bend can make the entire process ineffective.

Single-Leg Dip

The exercise puts a lot of pressure on both the legs and knees individually. A person with weight issues might find it difficult to perform. Hence, it is recommended to seek support from the staff that is available in the physiotherapy center.

Keep two chairs opposite to each with their backs facing them. Do not use a plastic chair that is lightweight. Hold the top part of the chair and lift one leg a bit above the ground. Put all the weight on the second leg. If this is your first time, then bear it till the time you get extremely comfortable with it. After you have lifted your leg, remain steady on the second leg and start bending slowly. Reach to the spot that you find comfortable. Push the support downwards and return to the standing position.

Repeat this for one leg and then switch to another leg. Remember to remain straight throughout the time you are performing this exercise.

First-timers are recommended to take support of the staff before attempting this exercise.

Leg Lift

This is one of the easiest exercises that one can perform. It requires a floor and a piece of blanket. You may also use a Yoga mat, which is recommended for better results.

Keep the mat or blanket on the floor and lie side-ways on it. Raise your head and support it with your hand. Your hand must be folded from the elbow at 90 degrees. Place the other hand exactly in front of you. Keep the lower leg steady and raise the upper leg. Keep both legs straight while performing this exercise. Bring the leg back to its original position and repeat this at least 10 times.

Change the side to bring your lower leg up. Repeat the exercise 10 times in a similar manner.

Make a set of 3 with 10 times for each leg in each set.

Leg Press

This exercise can also be performed in a Gym. It involves the usage of a machine that carries adjustable weight on its backside.

You sit on a chair comfortably and then take the support of the backrest of the chair. Once comfortable, place both your feet on the weight plate. Start by pushing it away from your body. Then bring it closer to your body. Perform this exercise at a slow speed. You may ask for assistance from a professional as the weights often take a huge toll on your legs and make it difficult to continue.

Push the weight plate till your leg becomes straight.

First-timers might have to adjust weight before they get comfortable.

Final Words

It is important, rather mandatory, to consult a professional who offers the best physiotherapy in Calgary before preparing a set of exercises. Maintain a record for your reference. Remember to warm your body before starting the main exercises. If required, perform additional exercises to cool down your body after you have completed all the exercises.

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