Webtrends will create an academy for Marketing professionals

The Digital Marketing Agency announced this week that it will create its Academy for marketers and entrepreneurs. The goal will be to teach advanced digital marketing strategies in order to guide companies towards actions with more satisfactory results for brands on the internet.

According to Adriano Luz, founder of Webtrends, this project should impact thousands of marketing professionals and entrepreneurs for advanced digital marketing strategies, in order to create a positive impact on companies, especially small companies that are very poorly served due to low investment power .

The program will consist of online and face-to-face training at Webtrends headquarters. The formats and types of content will be the most diverse, from areas of strategy and planning to social media, traffic, and Google (Ads / SEO).

When will the academy launch?

The launch is scheduled for the beginning of next year and will have a first fully online training covering the following contents:

– Target Audience / Persona Research: Marketers will learn how to determine the right target audience to become a customer of their companies and also to detail down to the level of finding buyers personas. Through this study, it is possible to determine the best communication to impact this audience and also to target high quality ad campaigns;

– Competition Analysis: Marketing professionals will learn how to research competitors, the marketing actions they carry out, how they position themselves, which audiences they impact and what they have as a differential and also a weakness. This will offer companies a big difference to explore strengths and evolve in their products and services;

– Brand positioning: Another important point that will be addressed in online training will be the creation of a strategic brand positioning. Few companies have carefully planned placements by their marketing departments. With this, the opportunity is great because there are loopholes so that your company can position itself strategically.

– Platforms: A strong point of actions with incredible ROI is the choice of the best platforms for marketing actions in the digital environment. Many companies invest heavily in media that are often not the most suitable to reach the potential customers that the brand so desires. Qualified leads are obtained by being on the platforms where the best customers are and, mainly, with the right communication and the right content.

– Headlines and content: Also in this training, marketers will learn more details about the power of persuasion and how mental triggers work to attract and generate interest in potential customers. Through the triggers, the main headlines that will be successful in companies’ marketing campaigns will be built. In this training, professionals will have the opportunity to follow real examples of successful campaigns from large companies and also from local companies in our daily lives.

When will Webtrends officially launch the Academy?

The Webtrends Agency has not yet informed the date that it will launch its academy officially or how the platform will be used to access classes. Interested parties should follow the company’s website to stay on top of how much the official launch will take place.

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